I never properly responded to, nor thanked you for your comments on my post Worry, about my daughter anonymous reporting her best friend and mom’s behavior. Thank you for your insight and your words. They were very validating and grounding. When I can find the right words I will respond. I’ll also give an update soon.

On a non-related note, this past hour I’ve typed up and deleted multiple times what’s been consuming my thoughts as of late. There is nothing scandalous nor shameful about these thoughts, yet I realize they are just for me at the moment.

On a related note, my therapist says I’m too much in “doing” mind. That is, my mind is too much in problem-solving mode and I’m not spending any time just “being.” She says in the past I’ve been very avoidant but now she’s worried I’m swinging the other way and I’m going to burn myself out.

In essence, I need to find ways to enjoy my life. Stop and smell the flowers.

I need to get back into reading. I was reading my kids’ fantasy dragon series until my son didn’t want to discuss it with me anymore. It’s been over a month since I read a book. Prior to that I was reading classic literature. I like reading things that have some sort of importance or cultural relevance.

Do you have a suggestion for what I should read next? What are you reading?

What have you been watching? Listening to? Doing?

Overall, what has been occupying and engaging you?

7 thoughts on “Being>Doing

  1. I’ve spent the weekend drunk and sleeping through the daytime heat… can’t think of a reason to be awake.

    I like the fiction of Bryn Greenwood, who used to blog here. I didn’t like her latest book, All The Strange and Wonderful Things, but the rest of the world did. I’d recommend any of her previous novels.

    Or you could read my C++ programming course for me. I have no interest in it (or anything else).


  2. I’ve just started “Dark” so no spoilers!

    I’ve been reading Chernow’s biography of Hamilton that the musical is based on. It’s really long and quite a slog, so it’s been taking me a really long time to get through.

    For some fun reading, how about something by Fannie Flagg? I especially recommend the audiobooks where she reads them herself. She’s hilarious!

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  3. I just finished David Mitchell’s “Cloud Atlas” — the movie is one of my favorites, and the book is even better in most respects. Mitchell is a really talented writer and knows how to craft some wonderful prose. He praises the Wachowskis’/Tykwer’s movie adaptation in an appendix (and I agree; it was very well done).

    Before that was N. K. Jemison’s “The Fifth Season” (first of a trilogy). This one is sci-fi, and I’ll be honest, takes a lot of work in the early chapters as the world’s history is slowly unpacked. But I found it well worth it in the end; good character writing, and an exploration of power, cultures, social norms and pressures, etc. which I always find fascinating.

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