I regret to say this is not much of a post today. I need to call it an early night. I’ve been very tired lately. My Fitbit is telling me I’m getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night (I typically need 7 1/2-8). I’m going to start taking Benadryl again to help me sleep (as ok’d by my psychiatrist).

I’m feeling less stressed than I have in weeks so it’s unclear why the sleep problems.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Sleepy

      1. No idea! Even with benadryl, I ended up awake for 30hrs. Got 4 hrs sleep with 2 benadryl then the new semi-stray cat woke me up. I took a xanax and when it finally hit I slept from 7am to 5pm. How am I ever going to hold a job again??


      2. I just hit 24hrs without sleep again. Can’t decide whether to med myself to sleep or try to stay awake. Either way, I feel like I’ll fail at today’s minor goals.


        1. I’m sorry to hear that. 😦 You may want to contact your doctor for medication to help you sleep or for other suggestions. Hope you are able to get some good sleep soon!


          1. I have xanax and T3s. I tried sleep meds but they didn’t work.

            I ended up getting 2.5hrs of sleep before tree trimmers (at a neighbor’s) woke me up. Better than nothing.

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