Coffee and Superstition

Allegedly this morning I drank the “world’s strongest coffee,” a bold claim from Death Wish coffee. What a name! My job has a food pantry and this coffee was donated so I decided to try to out.

I don’t think the coffee is living up to it’s motto. My heart isn’t racing and I don’t feel jittery, thankfully. I do feel more focused than usual but the coffee tastes just meh so I think I’ll skip it next time.

I’m currently on my lunch break, playing Addiction on the computer, which is a solitaire game, and using my phone to type this up.

So far, it’s been a slow day. Things have started to slow down here but they are supposed to pick up when we start registering clients next month for our Christmas program. The program involves donors buying gifts for our clients who are 12 and under, seniors 60 and over, and a Christmas basket full of food for a traditional holiday meal for all families. How amazing is that?

The only real downside to this job (I mean, besides the pay) is that everyone is religious. That’s bound to happen in a non-profit and so far it hasn’t been a problem for me. My coworker is her church’s secretary but she hasn’t evangelized to me or asked me to church or even what I believe. She’s just great. I find it amusing when she gets frustrated with a client and vents to me later saying, “I know this isn’t very Christian of me, but if I have to talk to that person any longer I’ll lose my job because I would not be kind.” I laugh.

I only have two coworkers in this office and a rotating list of volunteers, most of whom are motivated to volunteer because of their religion. When they say bless you I just smile because they mean well. I did come into an awkward situation the other day when I interacted with a ministry that provides a lot of food to our bank.

I had gone over to the food bank to deliver some paperwork and was introduced to the ministry volunteers. I thanked them for bringing the food and they thanked their Lord for providing. I nodded politely and tried to leave quickly.

My coworker was limping due to an old injury and before I could leave, the ministry volunteers were introducing themselves to me as pastors of the local Church of God. I felt my body tense and I wanted to flee.

Before I was able to leave one of the pastors was telling my coworker to take her injury to her Creator for healing and that she was praying for her. Meanwhile the pastor was looking right at me, I could tell searching my face for agreement. I tried to fake a smile (I’m quite sure I grimaced), said Nice to meet you and made my way out of there asap.

What else was I to do?

Later that day both my coworkers talked about how food seemed to keep falling from the shelves in a way that doesn’t make sense. They think there might be a ghost involved, which shows not only are they religious but they are superstitious. The other day my coworker and I heard someone calling her name but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I’m 100% convinced there is a logical explanation and I laughed out loud at their superstitions. Fortunately, they didn’t seem offended.

I laugh a lot at this job, and I don’t think it’s just the strong coffee.

5 thoughts on “Coffee and Superstition

  1. Sounds like one of those situations where it’s best to shut down all inquiries about your personal religion immediately. I’ve used the tactic that “my religious beliefs are private, and I don’t discuss them at work” to be effective sometimes against nosy preachers.

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    1. Good that you set some boundaries. I think if it ever comes up I’ll say, ” Oh, I don’t like to discuss religious matters at work,” however the volunteers are a little trickier. I think the tactic of my saying, “Thank you for your help” is probably the best bet unless they get pushy.

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