Trump is coming to town

He’s visiting my city on Wednesday to declare it a WW2 “Heritage City.” What that means I don’t know, but we are supposed to be the first Heritage City in the US? If Trump’s a part of it I don’t like it.

I’m hoping he won’t visit the Battleship North Carolina during my commute hours because it could make traffic impossible to get to and from work.

Oh goodie.

5 thoughts on “Trump is coming to town

  1. Ugh. You’d think he’d stay away from association with WWII, because of the frequent comparisons between him and Mussolini. Also considering that what’s left of the “greatest generation” is taking the worst hit from his mismanagement of the plague response. But he’s always playing to his base. Anything that they will love, and that gets him attention, that’s what goes.

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