Slept through the night

Today I woke up at 6:14 a.m. without waking up at all during the middle of the night. This is a about 20 minutes later than my usual wakeup so I had to hustle my bustle during my walk. Really, I have enough time to get ready for work, even waking up 20 minutes later. Which is the reason I can write this post. I type fast anyway.

Today it was muggy outside. My glasses fogged up and I sweated a lot. I walked at a brisker pace but that made my calves muscles hurt. Likely, they just need to get used to being more active so I should keep up with the more brisk walking, if I can.

My thoughts right now: I need to make my lunch as I neglected to do so last night. I’m getting tired of salads. I stepped on the scale and gained a half pound from yesterday. That’s really unlikely, it’s most likely water weight. Maybe I need to not weigh myself every day.

What else? I forgot to wear my mask when going into the store the other day. I was feeling so much better physically and emotionally and it seemed like everything was ‘okay.’ But once I realized I had no mask I went back to my car to get it and everything was fine. Pretty anxiety provoking, though.

I’m sure there is more but I can’t think of anything more to write right now, so I’ll just post my pics and get on with the day.

I hope you have a great day, friends.


One thought on “Slept through the night

  1. I’ve forgotten to put on my mask twice now. I had it with me but, like you, forgot about the pandemic for a minute. It’s a bit of a cold shock when remembering it!

    Glad you got out. What, besides salads, are you eating?

    Def don’t weigh every day… you’ll make yourself crazy!! The only time that worked well for me was when a masseuse gave me some kind of anti-inflammation massage. I thought it was hooey but peed like crazy for 24hrs and lost 7lbs!! It all came back but it was a nice surprise while it lasted.

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