Need(ed) some rest

Yesterday I couldn’t will myself out of bed so I called in sick to work and slept all day. Am I disappointed in myself that I did this? Somewhat. I do feel a little guilty about lying to my boss and the fact it’d leave my coworker without help (though she managed fine before I started working there). Additionally, it means I missed a day of pay.

Despite these negative things I really felt like I needed it. Can’t believe I slept all day. Well, I guess I can believe it. I needed to rest.

This morning I woke up at 5:15. Then 5:35. At 5:45 I rolled out of bed and got ready for a walk, which I was not in the mood for but figured I should go.

I decided I wanted to get the walk over with as quickly as possible. So to do that I needed to jog a little, which I did. I’d say I jogged about a third of the time. I was monitoring my heart rate and to do more wouldn’t have been a good thing. In fact, I felt a somewhat dizzy when I was done.

Today is Friday and tomorrow I’ll have a 3-day weekend because of labor day. Most people would be excited about this, but my life is so boring I can’t think of anything to do on my extra day off that would be fun. So likely I’ll do a lot of sleeping.

I’m just a little down.

Here are my pics of today’s walk. It was a bit dark. May have to start walking a little later.

Have a good day, friends.


8 thoughts on “Need(ed) some rest

  1. My college mentor asked about my holiday weekend “plans”… they’re no different from every other day.

    I used to take mental health days pretty regularly. Sometimes ya gotta know your limits.

    I hope you’re feeling better now and enjoy sleeping!

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      1. I spent 24hrs highly focused on completing my course assignment. I feel asleep after but only managed 5hrs if sleep. Now I’m a zombie! Thank gawd the 100°+ heat isn’t hitting my home (yet). The entire state is under a heat warning and expected to break records this weekend. Ugh!!!


        1. It’s in the high ’90s here and I’m sure not liking it. Am ready for the weather to chill out (literally). I’m glad you were able to focus on your course assignment. Hope you get caught up on some more sleep!


          1. Am I right that you’re in PA (based on the tRump visit)?? My friend neat Scranton said it’s humid too. There was a deep marine layer here so temps & humidity have stayed reasonable so far. I have an iota of hope that being near the ocean is going to protect me from the heatwave. Inland is expected to exceed 110°!


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