Uncomfortable walk

Today I woke up just before 8 a.m. (after 9 hours of sleep!) and went on a walk at a different park. It was hot; sweat was dripping down the side of my face. Even though the park is much prettier than my usual, I didn’t quite care for how crowded it was so I found I had trouble enjoying it.

Plus, I noticed again that I was one of the few people walking in a clock-wise direction. Why it’s instinctual for 90% of people to head on the path in a counter clock-wise way is beyond me. The plus side is I don’t have anyone coming up behind me (which really grates on me and makes me anxious). The down side is that I have to have multiple awkward interactions.

The awkward interactions are simply whether or not to make eye contact, to smile, or to look down (which feels rude). I’m sure most people don’t worry about this stuff and it’s just my neuroticism, but it makes me feel uncomfortable.

So, on the whole, I was uncomfortable during my walk.

I did get a chance to take some pics:

I think I slept too much. And now I’m tempted to sleep some more. I need to find something to do, as it’ll be a really long (3 day) weekend.


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