Sunday musings

My work’s food pantry had some extra low carb tortilla wraps so I was inspired to make fajitas for dinner. I just got done slicing and marinating the chicken as well as the onions and peppers. Mmm, I love fajitas. Can’t wait!

I’m still struggling a bit with a few things regarding my diet. The primary issue is having to plan out every meal. I’m used to just slapping some cream cheese on a bagel for breakfast, eating fast food for lunch, pasta for dinner and just endlessly snacking on whatever is around my house.

I am starting to change my perspective a bit, making it a game, like I’m on a mission to find things I really like by trying different low-carb recipes. If I don’t enjoy the food, I’m not going to last on this diet at all. Even if I do decide at some point this isn’t the diet for me I’ll still have to find foods I find enjoyable that are healthy for me.

One thing I’ve found that really makes me not hate my diet so much are seaweed crisps, with diet peach Snapple for the drink, as a snack. I have no idea why the combination, just that I was at CVS the other day picking up a prescription and decided to give it a try. The seaweed crisps are expensive so I can’t eat them every day, but boy does it feel like a nice treat.

It’s funny how I don’t mind not having cake and cookies so much.

Today I didn’t go for a walk. I slept in til nearly 10 and didn’t feel like braving the heat. Instead I did a kettlebell and dumbbell workout. I decided when I don’t go for a walk I’m going to lift weights instead.

Decided to install a couple apps on my phone that track my progress. One tracks my exercises (weight and reps, etc). The other tracks my body measurements. I figure if my weight is going to fluctuate taking and recording my body measurements every week or so will really give me a better picture if I’m losing weight.

My scale says in my first week on the diet I’ve lost 5lbs. It’s normal to see this large amount of weight loss the first week on keto as you shed water weight. I no longer feel bloated, which I hadn’t realized until I was no longer bloated.

Right now I’m trying to decide what to do with myself. Friday night I took my kids over to their grandparents’ to set up their above ground pool, which was quite a task and we were all dripping with sweat when we were done. Yesterday after my walk I took my kids over again and they swam in the pool for hours. It was so nice to see them playing together, outside, and without their electronics.

Maybe I don’t have to do anything today, except make dinner. Maybe I can just watch a tv show (right now I’m watching “Away” about a mission to Mars staring Hilary Swank), catch up on my YouTube subscriptions, read a little bit of my book, and just chill.

Oh! That reminds me. I’m going to write a post about some of the music I’m listening to.

I hope you are having a good weekend, friends.

Take care,


3 thoughts on “Sunday musings

  1. Are the tortillas Mission Carb ones? I got turned on to those through a gastric surgery blog and LOVE them!! Now that I think of it, you should check the site for recipe ideas!! It’s TheWorldAccordingToEggface… I think on blogspot. She makes amazing low carb dishes!!

    Congrats on sticking with your plan! For a brief second I thought, “yeah… get out my kettlebell!” Then I remembered my shoulder injury and how much my knees hurt last night so… no!

    How is Away? I can’t decide whether to start watching it.

    Please tell your grandparents I’ll be right over to enjoy their pool!! (Sooo envious!)

    I hope the rest of the weekend is good to you!

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    1. Yep, they were Mission. Fajitas turned out great.

      Away is actually pretty good. I really like that it’s a series so you can see the character development.

      How was your weekend?


      1. I spent Sun drinking beer and little else… it was HOT outside. Temps are back to reasonable today. I might launch my next college class. I’ve been starting movies, getting bored, and launching another movie. I can’t think of anything I want to do (all the stuff I should do doesn’t count!).


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