My first walk in months

I overestimated the temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit and so I wore short sleeves for my walk. It was a sunny day and felt much warmer than usual (which it was) and for the most part it wasn’t too cool other than when the wind blew and I got goosebumps on my arms. At least it wasn’t the kind of cold that goes through to the core of your body – it was rather invigorating.

I walked a couple miles. I wanted to go for longer but the heel of my right foot was blistering. The back of my tennis shoe was worn down. I went home and discovered rather than replacing my shoes I could buy a pad for the back of my shoe to prevent future blistering. So, that’s been ordered and on it’s way for my next walk.

Here are some pics from my walk:

Earlier today I went for a drive to familiarize myself with the route I’ll have to take to get to my interview on Thursday. It is about the same distance from my house to my current job, only in a different direction. The place I’ll be doing my interview at is out in the country, but I have to take an interstate to get there. It’s enough of a drive to where I can listen to “My Daily Drive” on Spotify (a culmination of the day’s news and the music I like) but not so far that I feel it’s an immense burden.

I’ve started looking for housing again, hoping to be able to move out before my lease is up for renewal again in June. Should I get this job not only would it provide health insurance, but I’d also have access to lawyers who can help me with my separation. I’m trying to not get my hopes up. There may be opportunities out there in the near future that may end up being better for me. We shall see.

Tomorrow I’ll be working in the office by myself again. Friday was wonderfully quiet. Mondays are usually quite busy. I’m hoping that people will think we are closed due to Martin Luther King Jr. day.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Thanks for reading, friends.


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