My first walk in a while

Near the apartment complex I’m hoping to get approved for this next week I discovered a new park! It’s gorgeous. And closer than the park I walk at now! Yesterday I went on my first walk in ages. A 1.3 mile trail around a beautiful lake. The weather was sunny, hardly any wind, and a cool 55F.

I’m so glad that I discovered this park!

I don’t really celebrate Easter, but if you do I hope you have a good one! At the very least I hope you have a nice, relaxing, joyful Sunday.


11 thoughts on “My first walk in a while

      1. Lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo. No cheese for me, I’m too lactose intolerant, so I only do dairy if the amount that I like the food is worth amount of later unpleasantness I’ll have to out up with. Ice cream and pizza are worth it, cheeseburgers aren’t. The rest of my family usually wants cheese, my husband is fine with the orange plastic slices that pretend to be cheese, my girls would much rather have real cheddar or swiss if we have them.

        Yesterday we went all out and had High Tea instead of a normal dinner. I made clotted cream and two kinds of scones, the girls made three kinds of little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, I bought three kinds of European cookies and two kinds of jam, and my cupboard already had plenty of fancy tea. We got out some of our nicer dishes and had a proper tea party. (Alas, I didn’t have the energy to include a Victoria sponge or millionaire shortbread.) It was a lot of fun, and helps make up for not being able to go out to each very much.

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