Day 82: Daughter’s High School Orientation

We are down to 14 backpacks out of the 130 we had to distribute at work for our Christmas in July bookbag program. Every time I get another backpack distributed I can highlight that row in green on Excel and I get a little dopamine hit. It’s fun.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a doozy of a day. I have to get a physical exam/drug test for my new job. Then I have to fill out some paperwork for the new job. Then, if there is time (and there probably won’t be) I have to go to my son’s orientation. I asked for an extra hour off so I can go to the orientation, but I won’t be able to do all three things and my boss refuses to allow me to take another hour off (even though she agreed to another hour off that I no longer needed for another time).

My mom says, “So what if you are late. What are they going to do…fire you?” Fair point, but I don’t like pissing people off.

Then after work I have a Meetup group at a fondue restaurant. And part of me is anxious about not hearing back from my new friends, even though it’s only been 3 days and there is no reason for them having to contact me. Actually, one of them did text me and tell me she had a hangover. I’m just hoping they’ll ask me to hang out again. But maybe not such heavy drinking next time.

Tonight was my daughter’s sophomore orientation. She is at yet *another* new school. She showed up bathed, but yet with stringy hair and with a stain on her sweater. She didn’t talk directly to the teachers and in general REALLY didn’t want to be there. The teachers would ask her questions and she’d just stand there so I’d have to answer for her. Very awkward. But I did show her where the therapy room is (she’ll be doing therapy at school). Anyway, orientation is always stressful and I hate, hate, hate school. So does my daughter.

I got some books at the thrift store. Here’s my find:

I need to go prepare for tomorrow now. Hmm…who am I kidding? I’m going to stay up late and wake up early and get ready. Nah, I’m just going to distract myself for a couple hours til bedtime then have good sleep and wake up in time to get everything done.

6 thoughts on “Day 82: Daughter’s High School Orientation

  1. I really enjoyed Fried Green Tomatoes, and everything else Fannie Flagg as written. And I like the Miss Peregrine series as well. Looks like you’ve got a good haul.

    I have to apologize for going silent lately. I just discovered that my e-mail system had been putting every single WordPress notification into my spam folder. I think I’ve got that fixed now, but I have a helluvalot of catching up to do! So if you see me leaving comments on really old posts, that’s why!

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    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to this post! I hope you were able to get caught up with what you wanted to read, but don’t worry about it if you aren’t able to get to every post. I do enjoy your comments though!

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