Day 85: My last day at work

Yesterday I went to my book club. That’s right, I was taken off the wait list because enough people couldn’t go. It felt awkward again. Didn’t feel like I connected much with the ladies but it was good to get out and do a social event. Again, discussion questions were passed around and we had to read off a discussion question and answer on the spot. I contributed least to the group. There is something about the format that isn’t working for me.

It’s not what I was hoping it’d be, but I’ll continue going. I did find another book club that just started up on Meetup (til this last week my other book club was the only one in our area on Meetup). This one is co-ed and is led by a person who is in the Freethinker group, and there are other freethinkers in the book club as well. Plus, the books look a lot more interesting. So I’m hoping to check that out.

The day before I had my health screening and employee paperwork for my new job. At my health screening I had to get tested for antibodies for Hep B and get tested for TB. I also had to take urine drug test. Apparently I was dehydrated that morning because it took me FORTY-FIVE minutes to get enough pee into the cup. The nurse even gave me 2 water bottles to drink.

Of course when I got to HR I had to pee like a race horse. The assistant gave me some tax paperwork to fill out, which I did, but I was like, “Oh shit, gotta talk to the accountant,” because 1. am I filing married jointly, separately, or head of household and 2. how much do we count our stock $ into this figure? Anyway, I’m sure I did it wrong so I asked if I could change it and asked for copies of all the paperwork. The assistant looked at me like I was weird and especially so when I told her I had to talk to my accountant.

She took my pic for a badge (which I never did get – I forgot to ask about that) and gave me a parking decal. On Thursday I’ll be getting more information apparently for my start date.

Anyway, I did not make it to my son’s school orientation because of the not being able to pee for 45 minute fiasco. And unfortunately his dad was having a health related issue so poor kid is going to show up at school on Monday not knowing what classes to go to. He doesn’t seem concerned. But I am.

And the school couldn’t get their shit together when it comes to my kids’ transportation. So we’ll see how that goes in the morning. I’m glad I have this next week off from work.

Today, my last day, I worked almost entirely by myself. My coworker is quarantining because her grandbaby has Covid. The poor kid is only 3 months old. My coworker kept telling her daughter she needed to take the baby to the doctor and the daughter was refusing because she doesn’t trust doctors. She’s also not be vaccinated because she’s a conspiracy theorist. Fortunately my coworker has been vaccinated, but she has to wait 3-5 days to get tested so she couldn’t be there on my last day of work.


I did say if all was well I might visit sometime next week when I have off from work. My plan is to buy some more decor for my apartment. My bookclub says I should go to the beach. I’m going to try to be intentional about it because, knowing me, I’d likely just sleep the time away. I guess that can be good too.

I’ve been incredibly anxious, friends, like hard to function anxious. My apartment is a mess and I’ve not been able to go grocery shopping nor to the gym. I know things aren’t TOO bad though because I’ve been able to go to a few social functions.

My ex really helped me today. He had ordered the kids’ school supplies and helped the kids put their bags together. That gave me the strength to take my son out shopping for clothes and knowing I’ll be taking my kids to my apartment for the week made me feel a little better.

Tomorrow I’m going to have my son help clear out my car. I’ve got boxes from work and boxes from my ex’s and my formerly spotless car is now full of junk. And I’m going to take my daughter to buy art supplies for art class as well as grocery shopping.

If I feel up to it after that I’m going to the LIBRARY USED BOOK SALE. I’m so excited because they haven’t had once since the pandemic started (they are usually 2x a year). Do I have enough bookshelves for all the books I plan on getting? No. But that won’t stop me!

3 thoughts on “Day 85: My last day at work

  1. Yes, Robin Williams lol
    Daniel : [as Mrs. Doubtfire in his own voice] Sorry I’m late. After all those scotches I had to piss like a racehorse.
    [Takes a drink of scotch]
    Jonathan Lundy : Daniel?
    Daniel : Yeah?
    Jonathan Lundy : Why in God’s name are you dressed like a woman?
    Daniel : Oh, damn. Well, I’d like you to meet the host of your new show.
    Jonathan Lundy : Host?
    Daniel : [in Mrs. Doubtfire’s voice] Euphegenia Doubtfire, dear. I specialize in the education and entertainment of children.

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