Day 97: Standing all day

I’m too pooped to get up from the couch and get my laptop to write this so I’m on my phone and, as such, I’m going to keep this short.

I managed to find my way to the office without any help today, which is quite a feat considering the hospital is very large and maze-like.

My day was rough for two reasons: my mentor never stopped talking (she threw everything at me all at once) and I was in pain from standing on my feet all day, only sitting down for maybe 30 minutes. I’ve taken a hot epsom salt bath and taken tylenol and ibuprofen this evening and I’m still in pain. My muscles are really tight.

I’m not used to standing all day. I’m usually sitting or laying down. I usually only walk 3,000 steps. I’m doing about 10,000 now but it’ll be more once I start actually doing the job.

My shoulders hurt more than anything. Also my neck hurts, hips hurt, my abs hurt, my butt hurts, my lower back hurts. Surprisingly not my legs or feet.

I’m too tired to explain exactly what I did today. Except that work was exhausting and then I had to go grocery shopping because I had no food at home.

Tomorrow I’m going to a Freethinker thing so I may not write but hopefully I’ll update more on Friday.

Hope you’ve had a good week so far.

3 thoughts on “Day 97: Standing all day

  1. I spent my entire career in hospitals and those hard floors are merciless. Get yourself the absolute BEST pair of shoes you can afford….if you have the money, shoes are the one place it is really worth it to go all out on. It’ll take awhile to adjust to “hospital pace,” which is fast, fast, and even faster. Hospitals are very demanding employee environments and everyone rushes around at breakneck speeds over long distances (my last job at Mayo had me traversing over 10 miles of steps a day….no secret as to why I couldn’t keep working once I got RA). It’ll take your body and mind a good bit of time to adjust. You’ll likely be exhausted for a couple weeks so go easy on yourself as you get used to it.

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    1. I bought nursing shoes that I thought would be great but pinched my toes. Now I’m just wearing my Sketchers with inserts and my body no longer hurts at work. I get lots of compliments on my Sketchers too because they are rainbow colored.

      You were right about it taking a couple weeks for my body to adjust. At the 2 1/2 week mark I realized I no longer had to take Ibruprofen before and after work to get by!

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