Day 102: How the hospital job is going so far

I missed writing a post on the 100th day in my apartment. I feel that this is a monumental milestone (100 days since my husband and I legally separated, meaning “only” 266 days til I can file for divorce) and I should celebrate, but I am far too tired at the moment. I’m sorry I also haven’t replied to comments.

My body is still adjusting to working at the hospital. On Friday (into Saturday) I slept 15 hours and, despite sleeping, I still felt pretty pooped. That kind of sleeping I can usually only do when I’m depressed, this time it was pure physical exhaustion.

In case I never explained my job at the hospital, I am a therapy tech in acute care. What this means is that I run around the hospital helping physical therapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists in whatever capacity they need. For the most part I’ve been learning the administrative side, however today I shadowed someone and actually participated in actual patient care.

For a speech therapists I helped facilitate a procedure called FEES which stands for fibroendoscopic um…something or other… and involves sticking a camera down the nose into the throat to measure someone’s ability to swallow. I mostly helped physical therapists today, though, with assisting in moving and supporting the patients as they rolled over, sat up in bed, stood, and walked.

In the morning I had to very quickly put together “speech boxes” full of items that are used to test swallowing (pudding, juice thickener, crackers, etc). I also have to arrange the occupational and physical therapy boards to check that the patients are still in the hospital/update their room numbers, and move the therapists names around to indicate who is on schedule. I also had to check what the therapists charged insurance for and if there are any discrepancies.

The morning part is the part I dislike because I have to do it very quickly. As I’m just learning, this is difficult to do so it gives me anxiety. Fortunately when I get to my permanent schedule, which is 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. I’ll not have to do the morning work. But for now, the next 3 or 4 weeks of orientation I’ll be working from 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. I hate waking up early. The hospital is 20 minutes away but I have to leave way earlier than that to park and walk to my work station.

I mentioned in my last post going to a freethinker event. I ended up having a good time eating wings and drinking beer and chatting with other non-religious folks. I talked to a older married couple for a couple hours about just various stuff when it came to religious belief. One person asked if I was retired (as was everyone in the group), which was funny because a person at work that same day thought I was in my 20’s. Maybe the person who asked if I was retired was joking. I’m 40 but look like I’m in my early 30’s.

My mom is coming to visit Friday evening. I have to admit, I’m not looking forward to it. I haven’t seen her in a year and a half and I’m just too tired to clean my place and make it look great. Also, I know she’s going to judge my daughter’s eating habits and my son’s weight. And normally I’d have that weekend without my kids but since she’ll be here my ex has agreed I can have the kids so she can see them. Oh well, I’ll just have to realize that she’ll have opinions and try to enjoy the visit as much as I can.

The 20 year anniversary of 9/11 is in a few days. I recently watched a documentary on Netflix that you should check out. It talked a lot about the subsequent war, which is pertinent to today, seeing as we just pulled our troops out of Afghanistan. I learned a lot from the documentary.

I gotta go, but I wanted to write an update. I’ll be fairly busy. Hopefully next week when I don’t have the kids I’ll have enough energy to write more frequently. Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear about your day/week/what’s on your mind even if I don’t end up commenting right away.

8 thoughts on “Day 102: How the hospital job is going so far

  1. Woot… almost 1/3 down!!
    Nothing happening here. 9nce again, I didn’t get to sleep till dawn. It’s now nearing 3pm and I’m trying to convince myself to get dressed and WALK (nobody walks in LA) to the 99cent store, which is virtually at the end of my block. Litter boxes need to be scrubbed, trash & recycling moved to outdoor bins, and as always HOMEWORK. I’d rather go back to sleep.

    Tomorrow was supposed to be the start of my new job. They haven’t rescinded the offer… I don’t know where things stand.

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    1. Litter boxes always need to be scrubbed. 😂 I was super depressed this afternoon and appreciated texts from a friend who understands this particular weight. She held my hand as I got out of bed, one foot then the other. I admire our Quixie so much!!

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      1. I’m at the state where brushing my teeth is an immense psychological chore. So litter boxes are a burden from hell. I tried an automatic litterbox but with 5million cats it was still a chore.

        I walked my errand yesterday. Got some of the trash and recycling out earlier today… now waiting for darkness so the omnipresent neighborkid might not bug me. But homework remains untouched.

        I admire Quixie for finding energy again!!

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