Day 109: My hospital job, etc.

I feel like I haven’t given enough love to my blog. You all know that I’ve been horrible at responding to comments the last few weeks. I’m finding I’m either too busy or too tired or both.

Where do I start? What’s right in front of me?

My belly. It’s round and I want to flatten it. My scrubs don’t fit. Bottom’s too loose to account for my belly, top’s too tight, but if I go down and up a size prospectively they still don’t fit right.

My feet are sore. Not sore until I bought orthopedic shoes. I’m walking 10,000 – 13,000 steps a day. Walking doesn’t hurt, it’s when I’m standing in place that it does.

I need to lose weight because I think there is too much weight on my small feet. I don’t think the steps are going to do it. I need to change my diet.

I brought lunch to work today. It’s easier to just order from the cafeteria then have to go back to the office fridge. I wonder how much money I’m spending. I pay with my badge. No discounts, unfortunately and it goes right out of my paycheck.

The coordinator (not technically my boss, but in charge of a lot of things) is telling me contradictory things from my mentor. My mentor does the job every day so she knows more. My mentor is a bit tough. She talks at me too much. I’m only going to learn by doing the job. We keep trying to get me in to be the primary tech to help the patient and it never seems to work out. I don’t know why I’m not given a class on anatomy and the various lines and leads and whatnot. It doesn’t seem like a good idea for me to be moving stuff around.

My mentor is a little controlling. I don’t like the morning routine. There is a physical therapy board with all the patient names on tags under the therapists’ names. I have to check the room numbers to see if they’ve changed or if the patient has been discharged. Check the schedules to see who is in at work. Go to the computer and check to see if there are any STAT or ASAP orders, and other procedures. Check to see status of patient charts to monitor where our rehabilitation therapy equipment might be. Then check what the therapists have charged to the insurance and see if it matches their notes.

It’s not bad, I’m just expected to do it incredibly fast. Fortunately, my schedule will change in 2 weeks when I’m off orientation and I won’t have to do any of that stuff because I’ll be coming in later.

I’m not…”liking” my job so far. Mostly because I’m worried the therapist will expect me to know how to do everything right away and will get frustrated with me. I guess I just need to expect that to happen. There are about 40 therapists and I am familiar with about 15 of them. Hopefully I can get to know them better. And I’d almost rather my mentor not be with me telling me what to do because she’s pretty controlling, but I do still need her.

It’s uncomfortable learning. Especially learning in an environment where if I mess up I could potentially really harm or kill a patient.

What else?

I just messaged my new friends about doing a Haunted Pub Crawl next month. You tour several pubs and hear about ghost stories. I don’t believe in ghosts but doing something spooky around Halloween sounds fun.

My laptop is about to die so I’ll wrap this up. I know, I know: I can just charge it and come back but I know once I close this laptop I’m not going to want to write more. So I’ll just leave it here. Hopefully more tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 109: My hospital job, etc.

  1. Sounds like a tough but good job, and you’re doing well despite the not so pleasant things. 🙂 Exhaustion can be a good thing, sleeping hard after a hard day’s work… But yeah, standing long hours comes with the job, and having better shoes or insoles designed for standing all day is a good idea.

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