Day 152: Good day

Today is going well. I don’t hate work today. I’m getting along well with one of my co-workers in the same role and several of the therapists are getting comfortable with me.

Overall, I’m still uncomfortable, and there are hours at a time where I am bored, and I don’t exactly like my job, but now I’m questioning whether I should actual not try to get a job elsewhere.

What I mean is that I’m now thinking of staying with this job for the next 10 months before I’m able to transfer to a different department, rather than seeking employment elsewhere.

I got a call from an employer wanting to set up an interview for a community health worker position and I’m likely to hear back from the DA’s office to set up a second interview. And I wonder…is 2 good days at work going to stop me from looking elsewhere?

I wouldn’t have to worry about scheduling interviews, which is causing some stress. I wouldn’t have to adjust to a new workplace and role. Maybe I can do this job after all. I’m going to give this some thought over the weekend.

Tonight I’ll be hanging out with my new friends and tomorrow I’m getting my hair done and hopefully cleaning/decorating my apartment somewhat.

I’m hoping the day will continue to go well. I hope your day is going well too.

3 thoughts on “Day 152: Good day

  1. Woo! Hooray for not hating your job!

    In your first week on the job, how many good days did you have? Now that you are getting more comfortable in the job, you are seeing more good days. I hope that trend will continue. Because then a possible new job will have to be more than just “not this”, it will have to really be enough of an improvement on what you have to be worth the change.

    Are the hours when you’re bored boring because you’re not doing anything, or boring because the things they have you doing are dull?

    I haven’t had my hair done since the before times. Not that I got it done very often then, either. It’s long and straight, and mostly I just go with long and straight. Maybe I should go have it done again. I used to get pedicures, too, and I haven’t done that either.

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    1. I’m skeptically hopeful things will continue/get better.

      The hours I’m bored is because there is nothing to do. I’m on call, waiting for PTs/OTs to request my help (I carry a phone showing I’m available). I do everything I can do around the office, which takes 10 minutes, even including cleaning.

      Last time I had my hair done was on my birthday last year (so about a year ago). I really need a trim and some blending for my gray/died brown hair.

      You should treat yourself and get your hair/toes done! Consider it self-care!/


      1. Would they let you listen to audiobooks or something while you’re waiting for a call? Or some online classwork?

        I have some grays, but my hair is blond enough that they don’t really show yet. But it would be nice to do a little self-care. I’ll have to find a new hairdresser, though, my old one moved.

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