Day 174: Full Saturday

Today was one of the best weekend days I’ve had in a while. I didn’t sleep the day away, which was a big departure from my norm, and I made a list and accomplished everything on that list.

My day started with Lucy (my cat) waking me up. She was pissed that no one else was awake with her. My kids thought it was cute and got out of bed, whereas I rolled over and slept for another hour and a half. When I finally arose, I got dressed and went to the post office to pick up some packages.

I have learned to order from only rarely because they use USPS for shipping. This is a problem because USPS will not deliver packages to my doorstep at my apartment complex. If it doesn’t fit in the small letterbox at my complex it goes to the post office and I have to pick up packages on Saturday morning (the only time I’m available when it’s open).

I had ordered a phone case for my new phone as well as a tray for cat food and water. This was a re-order as my previous order never got to me, which is a bummer because I have been waiting on my new phone case to use my new phone. Good news, though: it was in! So I set up the bowls for Lucy and set my phone up.

Then when I was done setting up the new phone and putting on the new case (very pretty!) I decided to create a new Spotify account. For some reason, I’m having trouble linking it here, but once I develop a playlist I might try to find a way to integrate it into my blog.

Because I was busy choosing the artist I like I ended up being a few minutes late for my book club. We met at the organizer’s apartment complex and met outside near the pool. It was beautiful today – 61F and sunny. We discussed The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, which is a historical fiction that combines the story of the blue Fugates of rural Kentucky (who have a genetic trait in their hemoglobin that turns their skin blue) with FDR’s WPA (Work’s Progress Administration) that funded “book women” riding on mules/horses delivering library books to Appalachia. It was so good!

We discussed an amazon review that criticized the book for being discriminatory towards the Christian faith because it painted the Christian character (the preacher) the bad guy. Christian faith actually was shown as a subtle influence in the book, however, the hyper-religious preacher was a horrific, disgusting person. One of the book club members said, “Here we go again — they always make the bad guy a preacher.” To which I internally rolled my eyes thinking, “Here we go again — another Christian with a persecution complex”. Externally, I said that I felt like the book didn’t discriminate against the Christian faith at all, but was specifically about that one close-minded bigotted person.

Another woman chimed in that she is jaded from religion and was raised by a preacher and was a preacher herself and now doesn’t believe in God. After the book club, I didn’t get a chance to speak to her, but I did send her a message through Meetup telling her I was an evangelical Christian turned agnostic atheist and that I’d be interested to hear her story sometime. Hopefully, she’ll take me up on it. There are no deconverts in my area (that I’ve found) so she’s a rarity.

When I got home from my book club I went to my ex’s and picked up an order that he placed for me from Costco. I paid him and loaded up and then got home and had the kids help me unload. I got some lunch then I got to work on putting together my daughter’s dresser. That took me several hours. When I was done I had many, many boxes overtaking the house: several boxes used to carry Costco items, a box from a Christmas tree my mom bought me, boxes from 2 gaming chairs I bought my kids, and a box for my daughter’s desk. I had my kids load up my SUV (it was completely packed) and I took the boxes to the dumpster.

Afterward, I texted my former coworker who I hadn’t heard from in a while. I told her I miss her and I’m not liking my new job. She said she’d be a reference for me if I needed it.

Speaking of that — I applied to a few different jobs at work even knowing the policy of having to be in a position for a year (I figured maybe someone made a mistake or they might make an exception). I received an email back from HR Internal Talent Acquisition and she told me I have to wait a year, UNLESS, at my 90 days (which will be in 17 days) my manager and director agree to let me transfer early.

So, I’ve made the decision to have that conversation with my manager: that I’m unhappy, I can do my job successfully, but I feel it’s a bad fit, and see if she’ll agree to sign off on me transferring elsewhere. It could potentially backfire and I could get fired (though I doubt it), but at the least make things EXTREMELY AWKWARD. I haven’t told a single person I work with (so like 20 people on a regular basis) that I’m miserable with the job.

Does anyone have any tips for how to have this conversation with my manager? She is super nice but I only see her every few days and never alone, so the 90-day review would be the ideal time. My mom thinks I should just stick at this job for a year and not risk the conversation, but I disagree. What’s interesting is one of the coordinators (she’s a boss that I answer to every day but not technically my supervisor) met with me and my mentor to see if anything was left in my orientation and said, “I hope we don’t have to hire another tech for a very, very long time” after I told her specific tips on how orientation could change. She appreciated the tips. But neither her nor my mentor did I tell. I just don’t want things to be super awkward.

Anyway, now I’m sitting outside on my patio table with a beer writing this blog post. What a good day!


If you are new here, you might be wondering why day 174. What that is about is my counting up the number of days since I moved into my apartment. This is a big deal because that’s when I legally separated from my spouse. In the State of North Carolina to divorce, you have to reside in separate physical addresses for one year and one day. This means I have 197 days until I can file for divorce.

I created another blog, in case anyone is interested, in which I talk about my separation and divorce experience called “Quixie’s Divorce Party.” I might start blogging there soon. I may even switch that to my primary blog at some point – I haven’t decided. But I’ll be sure to let you know here.

2 thoughts on “Day 174: Full Saturday

  1. So I had that conversation with my boss at my first professional nursing job at the hospital (it had a 1 year wait to transfer, like your job). I’d been there about 4 months and there was so much lifting I was getting injury after injury. I asked my boss to transfer to a unit with less lifting and she flat-out said no. Told me she’d invested all this training in me and she was going to get her year out of me. She didn’t treat me any differently after that, and was so short staffed she certainly couldn’t afford to fire me, but she got her way. So you can always ask, but I tend to think bosses say no to that kind of thing. I don’t know if that story helps you make a decision at all….I mean it didn’t hurt me to ask and there was no retribution, but it didn’t help me either.

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  2. So glad you got all the things done you planned on doing. As for the book that’s supposedly bashing the Christian faith, well, I’d side with you even without having read the book and that’s while I’m a (quite progressive) Christian myself. I do know Christians get persecuted a lot, but not quite in America.

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