My Spotify stats

I had no idea I liked Celine Dion so much this year. Or these other folks.

And that my favorite song of Celine’s was in French:

Here are my favorite genres, apparently:

And my favorite podcast:

And my audio “aura” was “empowered” and “focused,” which is exactly how I’d want it to be.

7 thoughts on “My Spotify stats

  1. Wow, I’m not on Spotify at all! It’s funny, as a long-time singer, I don’t spend much time listening to music when I’m not performing. Maybe it’s because for me music can’t really be properly in the background. I’m listening too hard a lot of the time, and it takes my attention off of other stuff. For that not to happen, I have to tune it out completely. My husband is usually listening to the Beatles, the Beatles, Jimmy Buffett, or the Beatles, and that gets really repetitive for me. I will listen to podcasts, though, and recently it’s mostly been “Oh No Ross and Carrie!”. Since they went to weekly, I can barely keep up.

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      1. Their motto is “When they make the claims, we show up so you don’t have to”.

        The do investigations of any weird stuff: fringe science, crazy religion, alt-med, claims of the paranormal, the weirder the better. They show up and try it out themselves, and then spend their podcast telling you about their experiences, often hilariously. They’ve done everything from pet psychics to UFO believers to essential oils, acupuncture, cleanses, you name it. They’ve been Mormons and Raelians and Eckists and have been thrown out of OTO and Scientology. Carrie’s been certified as a Reiki practitioner, and they both got themselves certified as Naturopaths and Exorcists.

        They rate the things they investigate on pseudoscience, danger, creepiness, pocket-draining, and whether they provide hot drinks. (Carrie is very concerned about hot drink availability.) It’s so much fun, and they’ve been at this for ten years now.

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