Day 225: Cancelling my interview, and snitches

This morning I woke up after unsettling dreams and decided to cancel my interview. It was going to be customer service for a company that creates online banking software. I thought, “Do I really want to do this job?” and the answer was no. So, I closed a door.

I worked today at the orthopedic hospital instead of the main one. I like it a lot better. I still don’t *like* the job at that location, but I could tell that I didn’t mind it as much because I didn’t have my usual runs in the toilet like I do only on the days I work at the regular location.

One of my coworkers asked, “So…I heard a rumor…are you leaving us?”

Me: “Who told you that?”

Them: “I don’t remember, but someone said you had put in your resignation or something?”

Me: “I didn’t put in my resignation. Now I want to know who told you that.”

Them: “I don’t know, but it wasn’t management.”

Me: “Good, that’d be weird if they knew something I didn’t. I’m not leaving.” ((YET..)) (The “yet,” thought only).

The only people I told that I wanted to transfer were my manager, and two of the other techs. I asked them both not to mention it to anyone. My manager had told me she would tell the coordinators, which I said was fine. But I’m really disturbed and upset the word is out…because if ortho knows it that means that the word is going around.

I don’t want people knowing I want to leave my job because I could still be there for months! I don’t want people knowing I hate my job. They’ll treat me differently.

I wonder who snitched. I’d really like to find out.

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