Day 351: Why I read

Happy Mothers Day! This was supposed to be a post about abortion (I know, ironic), but I just can’t bring myself to write about it. So many feelings, not enough coherent thoughts. It’s too heavy of a topic for me to tackle right now.

So, instead, I’ll tell you yesterday was a success. The Kentucky derby party was great. Everyone loved my hat. I got my meds. All good.

I also wanted to share that I create an Instagram to log what I’m reading.

Here’s the link if you are interested in following me:

I chose the name from the Emily Dickson poem, “I dwell in possibility”

A page I follow asks what genres you read and I didn’t know. So I went to my Goodreads account and counted. Here’re the genres I’ve read since I started keeping track in January 2021. It’s in order of most to least amount of books I read in that genre:

Classics: 15

Historical Fiction: 11

Thriller/Mystery: 9

Sci-Fi: 9

YA (Young Adult): 6

Romance: 5

Fantasy: 4

Self-Help: 3

Literary Fiction: 3

Horror: 3

Humor: 3

Philosophy: 2

Graphic Novels: 2

History: 1

Science: 1

I’m still reading Stephen King’s “It” (I’m almost 600 pages in) but I’m tempted to give it up as it’s fairly predictable. I keep thinking that I’m seeing common tropes and themes and the characters are cliche, but then I have to remember that a lot of what I’m used to seeing in horror originated from Stephen King and I’m seeing them played out again and again because his novels were so successful.

The book has me 3 books behind in beating my reading goal for the year. However, does it really matter how many books I read in the year or is there some more important reason to read?

I mostly read Classics because I want to get literary references and I want to experience fiction that has shaped our culture throughout the ages. I read a lot of historical fiction because that’s what my book club reads. I don’t read for the purpose of pleasure, though I do often find pleasure in reading. I read I think, mostly for a sense of identity. That is, that I am a reader, that this is one of my hobbies and this is something I can claim about myself. I often feel so lost about who I am and this makes me feel grounded.

I used to be a reader as a child (I read purely for pleasure). At some point maybe I can get back to that. Though, if that’s the case I’d likely pick up a book and stop after a few pages if I wasn’t into it. Right now, I try to push through it. Hmm, actually I think I read Sci-Fi and Thrillers purely for the joy of it. I’ve got no reasons to read those other than I want to.

If you read, what do you read and why do you read?

7 thoughts on “Day 351: Why I read

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Quixie! You deserve some acknowledgement for that, as being a parent is hard work (well, it is for me anyway). I applaud your efforts to be the best parent you can be despite all the curves life throws at us. Glad you have reading to make your life a little extra fun.

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  2. I love books, so much! Am reading one by Michael Koryta now, Never Far Away. (Stephen King calls him “a master.”) Also am reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah; a “mem-noir” (!) by Brent Spiner called Fan Fiction; and The Decameron Project, an anthology of short stories about the pandemic. I will look you up (follow) on Instagram!

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  3. I finally finished The Count of Monte Cristo on audiobook. Woo! It’s quite a ride, but really really long. Great stuff. On my Kindle I have “The Man Who Wasn’t There” which is about the brain science behind identity, and is quite the thought-provoking read. And I’m slowly working my way through the final Amphigorey collection, which is worth taking some time with, because of the incredibly detailed art. You can’t really read Edward Gorey’s stuff, you have to peruse it.


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