1 week until 1 year in my apartment

Today is my daughter’s 16th birthday and it’s hard to fathom that in 2 years she’ll be an adult. As a parent, I expected her to be at a different place by this point. That is, she was so bright and driven that a few years ago I expected her to be taking college courses by now through a joint high-school/college program and for her to graduate early. As such, she is in fact, failing her classes and will not be graduating early, if at all.

We celebrated her birthday, just the three of us: she, her brother, and me. It was okay. I think she appreciated I made the effort.

I’m currently (sorta, because I’m typing this) re-watching Stranger Things season 3 on Netflix, in anticipation of Season 4, which will be released in 7 days. I haven’t decided what I want to do for the day yet. I’m going to write a friend a letter and read some of a book, but beyond that, I don’t know. I guess sometimes it’s good not to have plans. I am happy that my kids are here with me, even if they choose to be in their rooms the whole time.

Summer is coming and I talked to my ex-mother-in-law (my kids’ grandmother) about the camp they have every summer. My son (14 next week) and their twin cousins (16 this summer) will be hanging out, but I think my daughter is going to sit it out. My ex-mother-in-law thinks my daughter has Aspberger’s. Unfortunately, her psychologist never evaluated her for Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder which my ex asked for. In his psychological evaluation report, he said it’s functionally the same as Social Anxiety (which she has) so it doesn’t matter. Like fuck it doesn’t.

Fortunately/unfortunately my current insurance doesn’t pay for her to continue to see her current psych providers so maybe she can have another psych eval that evaluates for those disorders. Now I just got to see if I can get her in for an appointment any time in the near future.

In happier news, I’ve got 10 days until I’m filing for divorce!!!

2 thoughts on “1 week until 1 year in my apartment

  1. My youngest has Aspergers, Social Anxiety, AND ADD. And yeah, it matters. If I say that she has “social anxiety”, people will make stupid noises about how she should just work on that. But if I say “Autism Spectrum” I get a completely different reaction, and much better attention to accommodations that she needs.

    Eighteen is “technically” an adult, but for someone with severe issues, it can be a lot longer before they are ready to do their own adulting. I keep having to remind myself that my daughter is on her own pace, not mine.

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  2. My hubs and I paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to get our son assessed for autism….this took appointments with many, many different specialists and was very time intensive. In the end he was diagnosed with what is formerly known as Aspergers. This diagnosis has done us no good whatsoever and no additional help has been made available to us at any point because of it. I now regret labeling him, since it never served him, and fear it will limit his opportunities in the future (as a disabled person myself, I know abelism is alive and well). So there are a lot of things to consider when making the decision to pursue a diagnosis. I do understand the challenges of having a child on the spectrum and hope both you and your daughter find your way through murky waters. I like Ube’s statement of her child being “at her own pace, not mine.”

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