Diet and Fitness

Well, my diet isn’t going well. I haven’t been on it for a week. I’ve gained 2lbs, but I’m sure it’s water weight. Here’s the thing, it’s really hard to eat keto out. And I’m out and about a significant amount of time. And, frankly, I don’t enjoy it. The low carb food, that is.

I eat half the portions I used to eat, often less. A lot of that is due to the medicine I’m taking that reduces my appetite. In addition, if you don’t like food you’ll eat less. Also, I’m using other means to cope other than binge eating. I can tell my tummy has shrunk a bit.

I don’t mind mostly staying away from booze, from pasta, from white bread, but not being able to have fruit other than a few berries (no bananas, no peaches, no oranges!), lentils,sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, beans, chili, oatmeal, whole grain bread and rice, and the occasional potato is making me feel deprived.

I’d rather eat less cheese, less fat. I need fat in my diet and yes I’m willing to go a lot less sugar than I used to consume, but I don’t need as much fat as I’m having. But without the fat and carbs I need to get my micros somewhere and I don’t like proteins enough to supplement. Also, because I’m lazy I have gotten in the habit of eating a lot of “sugar free” items because I’m not getting that sweet taste from healthier foods like fruit, so I have all this processed crap.

My doctor wants me on keto. It helps you lose weight quickly. It’s good for prediabetes. But I’m not sure it’s sustainable for me. I figure if I’m eating healthier and consuming less calories than I burn I’ll be fine, right? Anyway, a new doctor took over the practice. I will see what he says.

Regarding fitness, I’ve built up enough strength in my legs and ankles now that I can skate about 90 minutes out of that 2 hours I’m at the skating rink. I have to take a 5 minute break every 10 minutes of skating due to my ankle cramping and my legs getting shakey, however that’s still a ton of skating.

When I first started skating again a couple months ago I spent only a total of 15 minutes on the rink during those 2 hours, so this is quite a lot of progress! 90 minutes, wow! Also with my ankle progress I can walk the 2 miles around the lake instead of only a quarter mile like a couple months ago.

I plan on joining my group for outdoor skating as well on Tuesdays and my schedule is changing so I’ll be able to walk the 2 miles around the lake in the mornings should I wish to do so. Say I can do that 3x a week. In all, conservatively speaking that’d be 4-4 1/2 hours of exercise a week. Though that is considered “fat burning” and not “cardio” level fitness so at some point I might reduce the time spent with these lighter activities and spend more time in vigorous exercise.

Maybe I need to be less ambitious. If I walk once a week around the lake and go skating on Tuesdays and Thursdays that’ll give me still 3+ hours of exercise a week. That’s really great.

I know it won’t help me lose much weight but after looking at my former progress in the “map my run” app I realize it’s great to have goals.

My progress in 2012 went from only being able to walk a quarter of a mile to 4.39 miles in 2013. From running for only 5 seconds in 2012 to running 6.42 miles in 2014. And rollerblading for 10.98 miles in 2015. My resting heart rate at the time went from 100+ to 60 something bpm. I guess I did drop 15lbs which almost (at the time) put me near a healthy BMI.

I did try jogging again a couple years ago and it was just too difficult. Especially in public: I’d get jeers and cat calls and laughter that I hadn’t received a few years previous when I made the same attempts in a different neighborhood in a different city (that was secluded and out of the public eye). Fortunately no one laughs at me while on the skating rink. Maybe because I whip past half the people there.

One of my best friends calls me a badass, I need to start believing it.

What do you do for exercise?

One thought on “Diet and Fitness

  1. Now, from where I sit, diets don’t work for the simple reason they are unsustainable. I would rather eat small portions of everything than forego them. And that’s what I do.
    What do I do for exercise? I run, cycle and hike and occasionally try other indoor aerobics exercises.

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