Roller skating: A great workout

I skated 4 miles in a circle and my lower back and hips are so sore. My outer thighs and knees have a pleasant workout burn. Overall, great workout. I’d like to work myself up to at least 2x that distance but that’ll take some time.

I was invited to the parking lot to skate by some people in my skating group. They said they went there every Tuesday (in addition to every Thursday when we skate at the skating rink).

So I got there at 7:50 and there were a bunch of people there. But not my friends. I was a little thrown off because I was not in the mood to socialize and I said “hi” but started skating. These are people who like to “jam” skate (do fancy footwork while skating). My interest at present is fast skating for fitness.

Anyway, I skated round and round the rather large parking lot. My friends didn’t show up until almost 8:30. When they arrived I greeted them enthusiastically but said, slightly miffed but hoped they didn’t notice, “There you are!. I’m pooped. I’ve been skating non-stop for 30 minutes.”

Prior to this statement they seemed a bit standoffish to be and afterwards they hardly talked to me. So I just got up and skated some more. As one of them skated past me a few times she made some friendly comments. The other I tried to talk to and she seemed disinterested. This was a far cry from how enthusiastically they had wanted to see me in the group chat.

Anyway, when I was tired I left without saying goodbye. I’m sincerely not trying to be passive aggressive but I didn’t think they’d care whether I was there or not. I wonder if they’ll say something later.

Anyway, the group kind of split up a week ago. The two group leaders had a misunderstanding and now I feel like I’m sorta in the middle of it. I’m really not; I wasn’t close with either side and no one is asking me to choose but there are just some weird vibes. I was hoping to get closer to some people in my skate group but now I’m feeling a bit down about it, to be honest.

But, despite this I’m still having fun and having a great workout. That’s the important part!

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