Apparently, I’m horrible at responding to comments

But no more, my friends! I’m committing to you now to respond to your comments within 48 business hours. Er, “business” meaning my non-work hours. Please accept my apology for not responding right away. Truly, I thought I had, but just because I think something doesn’t mean you’ve actually gotten a response from me! I’m quite sure you can’t read my mind. Or can you?

So, how was your day? Or for my Aussie friends, and those on the other side of the world from me (I’m in the south-east U.S.A.), how is your day going so far?

My day was stressful. Work was stressful. I’m supposed to answer a bunch of asinine questions about change and how I can better go with the flow at my workplace. This “touchpoint” was not just given to me, but to the entire company, but I find I’m having trouble knowing how to answer the questions. Here’s the deal: I’m going along with the company changes because I have to, because it’s my job. It’s irrelevant whether or not I like it. But I kinda resent the implication that I’m resistant to change, my whole life has been Change and I know how to adapt. Anyway, I may need my supervisor’s help with how to respond. She tends to be good at bouncing ideas off of.

After work, when taking my kids back to their dad’s, I saw a notice from the fire inspection department, threatening legal action if I don’t remove items from under the stairs because it’s a safety hazard. You see, those are not my items, they belong to my upstairs neighbors. I’m not sure if the whole building received the notice as it is addressed to the entire building, but I feel extremely tense because I’m going to have to have a conversation with my neighbors about something unpleasant (that isn’t even my fault – I allowed them to put their bikes there in my space to be nice).

Anyway, my brain will agonize about this until it’s dealt with. And my typical self would procrastinate and avoid any conflict. Maybe I can get the courage to be my non-typical self and take care of this right away so I don’t have to be anxious about it for a week (when the items have to be moved). My social anxiety and conflict avoidance make this a very difficult task, but it doesn’t need to be.

I didn’t want this post to be about my day – I wanted to write something interesting – but I think I also needed somewhere to get some stuff off my mind.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll write something more interesting. Looking back at my Nano Poblano posts in years past, I had other things to write about. Any prompt suggestions are quite welcome.

Please do tell me about your day because talking about my own is quite boring.

So, how was your day/how is it going so far?


23 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m horrible at responding to comments

  1. I had to tell a student that they weren’t allowed to come to class because they missed the first 33% of the course, which you can read about in tomorrow’s post. It’s not a great feeling.

    I understand the desire to avoid confrontation/conflict with your neighbors. However, you can inform them in writing and present the evidence. It isn’t your call to have a safety hazard there. If they push back, ask them to think about the liability (no one wants to be liable).
    * Respond at your own pace.

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    1. Hi Leanne! Thanks for the advice. The notice came from my landlord, so I ended up notifying them and they said they’d speak with my upstairs neighbors about needing to remove the bikes (without mentioning my name), so problem solved? We’ll see if the bikes are moved by tomorrow night (inspection is on Monday a.m.)

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  2. This is actually interesting, especially because it is about you and your day. And any conversation that tells me more about someone is interesting.
    My day was easy, nothing interesting to write home about.

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    1. I’m glad you found it interesting! Others’ lived experience is different from our own, so I think that’s what makes it interesting. I’m sure sharing about your day would have been interesting to me! How was/is today?


      1. Well, today I struggled wake up after sleeping quite late. When I eventually got my ass of bed, I went for a ride. 100km of biking then went to have coffee with a friend in the afternoon and at the moment I am watching Enola Holmes 2.

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        1. Did you mean ONE HUNDRED km? Or 10? Either way is a good workout, but 100 is just super-human. How is Enola Homes 2? I’ve watched the first season and I enjoyed it.


          1. Oh that’s right – I forgot it was a movie.

            I’m really impressed you can go that distance. It’s inspiring (will it inspired me enough to make up my exercise routine? that is the question lol)


      1. I actually did. I said โ€˜wow this is three years too lateโ€™ and my response, and the person who commented was and is someone whose blogs I read/comment on and she still reads and comments on mine so she responded and took it in good fun. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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