Can you spot the lie? Autobiographical post

Yesterday I asked for some prompts for Nano Poblano 2022, and Rarasaur was kind enough to point me to a prompt page. And from there, I discovered Mark Bialczak’s amazing prompts, and this was one of them:

Here is my (somewhat) brief autobiography. Can you spot the lie?

I was born premature, 6 weeks early, 800 miles away from my parents’ home. I was a small one, weighing under 4 lbs, and lived in the NICU for a month. The reason why I was born so far from my parents’ home was that it was the nearest military base that could handle high-risk pregnancies. My mom survived it. And, obviously, so did I.

I mention being born on a military base because one of my parents was a military officer. It was, in fact, my mother – often a surprising fact for most – they assume my father was the officer. It’s a shame that women in service are often overlooked and undervalued. Due to my mother’s service, I learned what it means to be a strong woman. I hope to this day to live up to her level of courage, commitment, and determination.

Because I was a military brat I moved a lot. As a child, I lived in 3 different U.S. states, one European country, and multiple cities. And the moving didn’t stop – I couldn’t get out of that gotta-keep-moving, gotta-keep-starting over phase: as an adult, I lived in two additional states, and if you technically count the cities, a couple dozen.

One of my siblings – my younger brother – settled down in New England to be near where my mother and step-dad ended up, my sister (older) followed in my mother’s footsteps and became a military officer like my mom, even joined the same branch and the same type of work (personnel). While my younger brother is the black sheep, my older sister is the golden child. She can do no wrong. And, here I am, stuck in the middle.

Right now my sister lives about 1,300 miles away and because she moves so often I barely see her. In fact, I barely see both my siblings. We live so far apart! Somehow both siblings managed to get into their 40s without having married or had children. Unlike me – I got married at 24 and now have two teenagers. So, I guess at least I gave my parents grandbabies, which seems to be what they appreciate me the most for. I also recently divorced.

I currently live in the southeast of the United States. I’ve lived in this state for 13 years. I can’t believe it! Up until this point, the longest I lived anywhere was in central Florida for 6 years, where I attended college. Though to be fair, I lived in 4 different residences during that time, and since moving to this state I’ve lived in 8 different residences. It’s a really long-ass story about why I haven’t stayed put at least in the same house/apartment, which perhaps I’ll write about later.

What else should I share about history? I suppose I can tell you if you don’t already know, that I have bipolar disorder. I was deeply depressed/many times suicidal from age 15 until 35, which is when I started getting treatment. While I did have a couple full-blown manic episodes, my primary issue has been severe depression, though this has been fairly well treated with meds and therapy. I write periodically about this on this blog, if you are new here and are interested in mental health.

So, can you spot the lie?

10 thoughts on “Can you spot the lie? Autobiographical post

  1. I can’t spot the lie! 😅 is it wasy to spot? Did you leave any clues, hints? I would try to guess the lie but am afraid it might be something sensitive and therefore would be offensive for me, a stranger on the internet, to say to you! This was a mighty interesting read. I never heard tales from people in the military. I imagine it’s a tumultuous life? I moved around a lot in my life but it was mainly because my parents are nomads.

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  2. In hindsight, I might have made it to obscure. LOL. The truth is I only have one sibling. But is it a brother or a sister? I’m totally not offended if you guess wrong! And it still may not be obvious, I don’t know.

    If you moved around a lot, then you get the gist of what it’s like being in the military. Other than the military culture and everything being very strict. Where did you live.


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