Why ‘Mind Palace’?

A mind palace aka. method of loci according to Wikipedia is

a method of memory enhancement which uses visualization to organize and recall information

On this blog, I chronicle and explore my thoughts and experiences to help store them up in my memory and share with the world.

2 thoughts on “Why ‘Mind Palace’?

  1. “a method of memory enhancement which uses visualization to organize and recall information” used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It’s a technique that uses regions of the brain involved in spatial learning.”

    Someone mentioned this technique to me a while ago, And it helped me to make sense of a problem I had been having. I volunteer with an antipoverty group and once a month we are supposed to listen to, and memorize, an elevator speech. And I was always very bad at memorizing it because it was chuck full of numbers — and boring besides. So I would always ignore the speeches and come up with something of my own which would tell story — a story that you could actually visualize. Numbers are hard to visualize. Actually this was a few years ago. My organization has stopped trying to fill our heads with numbers because they have learned that it’s actually not very effective in persuading change. Much better to tell story. And the people you tell the story to are much more likely to remember it.

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  2. I’m so sorry for missing your comment! It was very thoughtful. I only just saw it because I was updating my site.

    I agree numbers are boring and stories are much more effective. I’m curious…is your antipoverty group for the local community or antipoverty at large?

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