In the 15 months I’ve had this job I have NOT: Had any mood disturbances that would clinically classify as having a depressive or manic episode. Lost my badge/key (not even once – total improvement from my normal flightiness)! Displayed any disordered behavior – nothing would indicate to anyone I have a mood disorder despite […]

Last night I got some unexpected good news: I was offered the position that had applied for a month ago and got turned down for. Without reapplying. Waaa? I am an still in shock and can only presume that over the course of the past few weeks I have “proved” myself. I have sought to […]

Update: the following was written yesterday. This week they’ve had the 20 new employees start to take phone calls and I’ve been assisting them. Because it delights me to mentor others this has made my day bearable. I’ll need to help them out over the next few weeks. I’m hoping my supervisor will see the […]

My apologies for my absence. I tend to turn inward when stressed and my stress-levels are ultra-high at the moment. I do not know where my family and I will be living in 6 weeks (have not found a house yet!) or where my kids will be going to school in the fall. There are […]