Hi friends! For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope that you survived it and consumed some good food in the process. As for my Thanksgiving, it was postponed as I’m quarantining until I get my Covid test results back. I felt somewhat sick Monday morning then Tuesday at work I was fatigued and […]

This weekend I put together a dresser that I had ordered online a couple weeks ago. I thought the dresser would come partially assembled. Nope, it came in a million pieces (that might be hyperbole, but close enough)! It took many hours but I eventually put the whole thing together. Yay me! And I thought […]

I ended up calling my boss early and telling her that I had a last minute medication appointment change and that I’d be about an hour late. It was fibbing but I didn’t feel too bad about it. The interview went really well. It was a conference call so I didn’t feel too self-conscious. It […]

I can’t immediately get a hold of my therapist and I’m in a bit of a crisis. One might say it’s a good crisis (maybe), but it’s a crisis nonetheless. See, I got a call about an job interview for a job I want. But now I’m kicking myself because I can’t see any way […]

I hope I’ve caught up with responding to all your comments. If I haven’t addressed or answered something please let me know. I’ve been working really hard to change things for the better without burning myself out. So far I’m doing okay. Everyone says I’ve been doing really great and making a lot of progress. […]