I was minding my business, listening to suggested music on Amazon and it starts playing “Weird Al” Yankovic. I was reminded of a recent interview I saw of Weird Al and I was impressed by how humble he seemed despite his massive talent and success. Humility + Humor + Creativity + Zaniness is a great […]

I woke up in the middle of the night to a spare mattress I had propped up against my wall falling on top of my head. It was quite large and in my shocked response I hopped up and managed to knock my laptop off my bed onto the floor and step on it. I […]

Just got word that I’ve been accepted into an Occupational Therapy Assistant program at the local college for the Fall. Three months ago when I quit my job I’d had no success at obtaining employment that was even quasi-professional and that kind of thing breaks you down. Tired of employers not finding my skills valuable. […]

I have. Four times. And I’m going to share with you my honest opinion, because I have mixed feelings. That’s not true: actually, I think floating in massive amount of epsom salt in the dark is beneficial for your muscles and your brain. Many scientific studies (which I’m too lazy to link here) back that […]

As I walked up to my son’s school for his 5th grade celebration I noticed a woman walking in front of me next to a man heading the same direction. I assumed the woman to be a student at the elementary school at first because of her height, but her body language suggested otherwise and […]

Hi friends! Help me with my homework. I’m supposed to interview folks of all ages in real life or on social media about words that people used to use from the 1990s and earlier (example: in the ’70s someone being a “FOX” used to describe someone who was cute) OR words used in 2000s and […]