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So last night my laptop died because I didn’t plug it in. The Pixelbook has this quirk that after the battery dies when you first plug it in to outlet the keyboard will flash every couple seconds instead of giving you a charging symbol. It looks like it’s having a seizure. I remembered that this […]

I woke up in the middle of the night to a spare mattress I had propped up against my wall falling on top of my head. It was quite large and in my shocked response I hopped up and managed to knock my laptop off my bed onto the floor and step on it. I […]

Hi friends! Help me with my homework. I’m supposed to interview folks of all ages in real life or on social media about words that people used to use from the 1990s and earlier (example: in the ’70s someone being a “FOX” used to describe someone who was cute) OR words used in 2000s and […]

I can’t drive more than a mile without seeing a Now Hiring! sign which, honestly, feels surreal and a bit creepy. Since the U.S Recession (2007-2009) I’ve spent a great deal of time hunting for work and I’ve never seen anything like this. I’d like to jump for joy in how well the economy is […]

Okay, SB,┬áBrent, Adam, Ubi and EE: Here is my ‘Fuck It” Post: Fuck it; I’m writing this post even though I can’t focus at the moment. Fuck it; I’m writing this post even though I have to leave in two minutes. Fuck it; I say ‘fuck’ in this post a lot and swearing makes me […]

Help! I can’t finish my blog posts. I’m great at coming up with topics. I come up with several topics a day but rarely write them down because when I start to write them down I can’t focus my thoughts into words. If I’ve been thinking a lot about a topic then I eventually do […]