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Hey all, I’ve sent some invites for another blog I have. If you’ve received the invite you may accept the invitation but you will still need to “follow” the blog to see any new posts show up in your newsfeed/email. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about and are interested you can […]

2017 was difficult but I could be proud of it and of myself for the progress made. 2018 was a much different year. In sum: 2018’s been a shit year. Oh yay, Quix – thanks for the uplifting post! It started with unprecedented blizzardy weather. Our area is not prepared for snow that exceeds half […]

You know what day it is? The last day of Nano Poblano 2018! How the heck have I managed to write a post every day for the whole month of November?? I was almost not going to write today. I have this thing about not wanting to finish things (like, I have trouble forcing myself […]

It’s never convenient. Do it now. There’s always an excuse. DO IT ANYWAY This is Day THIRTEEN

I’m blocked. Let’s uncork the bottle. Pour my thoughts out onto the page. They won’t come. My mind is creating a barrier for survival’s sake and no creativity can break through. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow. Day NINE

I’m too tired to write. No one wants to read 2,000 words about my work stress (well, I certainly don’t) so what I’ve got right now it’s lots and lots of memes that I’ve been saving up. I loved memes. Probably too much. So, here ya go. Beware some are NSFW, 13+, crude and/or irreverant. […]