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Somehow it no longer “fits” me anymore. When I could change the scenes, my expressions, and add words in a comic-fashion through Bitstrips I felt like I owned it in a way, but I’ve grown tired of the Bitmojis. I feel like it’s someone else’s creation (well, it actually is). I also am tired of being […]

So, what do you believe now that you don’t believe in God? I’m at a loss on how to answer that question. It doesn’t feel relevant. I suppose a good retort would be: What do I believe about what, exactly? About how the earth formed? What is the purpose of our lives? What is LOVE? […]

As a hobby I like to take pictures with my (phone) camera. Here are my favorites of 2017: Winter in New England: “Winter” in North Carolina: My daughter’s two least favorite things (I offered to buy these discounted shirts for her and she shivered in disgust): In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Also in Myrtle Beach: […]

  Between my two blogs I’ve written 476 blog posts (averaging about 3 posts a week). That’s some serious dedication. Yay, me! Blogging on WordPress has changed my life. More on that later…

Hi Friends! It’s been a while. I’ve decided to resurrect my blog by participating in this year’s Nano Poblano, an annual event in which one participates in blogging every day for the month of November – this year hosted by anitashree. I’ll be kicking off this year’s Nano Poblano with a whimper instead of a bang.  […]