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Hey there! I didn’t write yesterday, which was a change from the 2x a day I had been writing there for a while. Yesterday I was busy sleeping in, and then busy with a BBQ at my in-laws’ house. It occurred to me while I was shoving my face full of veggies that I hardly […]

I went for a walk this morning! Instead of waking up naturally at 6:30 like I do during weekdays, today I woke up at 8. I usually like to sleep in really late on weekends but today after several minutes of drowsiness I got out of bed and got ready to go for a walk. […]

I regret to say this is not much of a post today. I need to call it an early night. I’ve been very tired lately. My Fitbit is telling me I’m getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night (I typically need 7 1/2-8). I’m going to start taking Benadryl again to help me sleep (as […]

I never properly responded to, nor thanked you for your comments on my post Worry, about my daughter anonymous reporting her best friend and mom’s behavior. Thank you for your insight and your words. They were very validating and grounding. When I can find the right words I will respond. I’ll also give an update […]

Now, what in the heck am I going to write about today? I’ve no cohesive thought. What’s on your mind, Quix? Nothing really important. Anything interesting? Nope. Really? Yep. Oh! One thing: I wish I were a springbok. What fun! I was watching Planet: Africa and this gave me a bit o’ joy. Hope it […]