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Hi, friends! I’d like to add other voices to my blog. I know some of you would love to write but would want to remain anonymous, and that’s totally cool! Write me at and we’ll see what we can set up. ❤️, Quixie

I had to drop my daughter off at her grandparents. On the way there we realized we forgot to pack her medicine so it ended up being a long drive. That’s why I’m getting this out so late. Now that my daughter is gone I already miss her, but she was lonely by herself here. […]

I’m writing this pretty late so I’m going to keep it short. Today I got my performance eval at work. It was “meets expectations” and no mention of doubling my book bag applications over the other main office’s (which has never been done). I was…disappointed. A bit sad. A bit overlooked. A bit hurt. There […]

I’ve been blogging 34 days in a row. I’m wondering how long I can keep this up. I guess it’s become a habit now and something feels off it gets too late and I haven’t written. It’s hard to write right now, though. There is a very large family with very young children next to […]

I haven’t wanted to write recently but I wanted to let you all know that I’m still alive. I’ve been spending a good chunk of time reading novels, typically two (sometimes three) a week. My favorite thing to do recently has been to search for books I’ve added to the “want to read” category on […]