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It’s been a while. I’m not sure what I’m going to write about yet, but I’m at the library as my daughter had commandeered my laptop (hers is broken and getting fixed). I have today off from work, of which I am truly glad. At work there was an issue that was partly my fault, […]

It’s that time of year! Where I go over what happened in my life for the year. 1st of all, I regret that I haven’t listed a theme song for the past (6?) years that I’ve been doing my year-in-review posts. Here’s what my theme song would be for last year (2021): Better Now, by […]

I must be whipped! I must be flogged! No, that’s too kinky for this blog! I like to keep it PG-rated if possible. Unless my audience wants PG-13, then I’m sure I could come up with something…LOL Anyway, I should probably do two posts today to make up for it. And, you might be wondering, […]

I’m going to participate in this year’s Nano Poblano (click here to see what it’s about). I participated in 2015, 2017, and 2018 so it’s been a while. Can I write a blog post every day this month? I don’t know. The truth is, I’ve got a lot going on (such as voluntarily reading War […]

This post has nothing to do with War and Peace. Other than I checked out the novel from the library and I’m at the library right now. I don’t know why I didn’t just buy the book – this was on hold for a long time and I only have 21 days to read it. […]