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A song you love singing along to or a song you like that’s a cover by another artist: By now, most people know of Kate Bush’s “Running up that Hill (Deal with God)” made popular by the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things. Well, I first heard the song from Meg Myer’s cover. I really dig […]

A song that reminds you of a former friend or a song you like from the 70’s: I absolutely adore anything from ABBA, but the song (which is like the cheesiest song in the world) that’s been stuck in my head and I love to sing is this one:

The last song you heard or a song from your preteen years: Boy, was this hard! I have to choose just ONE song from 1990 – 1993? How do I choose? My favorite song of this time period? Most popular song on the radio? The song that was stuck in my head the most? The […]

A song on the soundtrack of your favorite movie or a song you never tire of: I definitely tire of this song, as it’s depressing, but it’s the main song from one of my favorite movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.