Category: I Quixed Faith Goodbye

I’ve passed the 200 day mark in my apartment! I need to gather my friends and celebrate! But first, I need to talk about the ethics of my not going into work today. See if you can help me sort out my moral failing. See, my daughter has croup, but I didn’t know that until […]

There is a missing part of me that I’ve been afraid of acknowledging to myself. Worse, by acknowledging it on my blog, religious folks might think it’s an invitation to manipulate me back into the fold. Even worse than that, my atheist friends might feel betrayed and that I’m no longer one of them. The […]

Hello! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was a little awkward as I had Thanksgiving with my ex-in-laws. We still get along, but I realize that I need to develop my own traditions outside of my ex-husband’s family. I found a new friend who I *could* have had Thanksgiving dinner with, but opted […]

Today was one of the best weekend days I’ve had in a while. I didn’t sleep the day away, which was a big departure from my norm, and I made a list and accomplished everything on that list. My day started with Lucy (my cat) waking me up. She was pissed that no one else […]

Wow, looking at my very first post from 7 years ago got my gears really spinning. If you are interested in what I wrote you can scroll down to below the asterisks. It was written from when I was a Christian and very idealistic and feeling like God was about to change my life. What […]