Category: I Quixed Faith Goodbye

My apologies for my absence. I tend to turn inward when stressed and my stress-levels are ultra-high at the moment. I do not know where my family and I will be living in 6 weeks (have not found a house yet!) or where my kids will be going to school in the fall. There are […]

So, what do you believe now that you don’t believe in God? I’m at a loss on how to answer that question. It doesn’t feel relevant. I suppose a good retort would be: What do I believe about what, exactly? About how the earth formed? What is the purpose of our lives? What is LOVE? […]

​Facebook post from 4 years ago: “This morning [my 4 year old son]comes to me looking deeply sad and disappointed. He tells me ‘It didn’t work.’ I ask what and he says ‘You prayed last night God would make me feel better.’ He thinks for a second and then says ‘But, it’s okay, Mommy, I […]

When reading a blog post by the psychologist and former evangelical Valerie Tarico I came upon her creation Wisdom Commons, a place to “explore, elevate, and celebrate our shared moral core.” As you may know like Valerie I am also a deconvert, a former evangelical, and in the absence of my faith tradition I’ve asked myself: […]

“Be a good little girl or you’ll go to Hell” It started with the infant baptism “just in case,” then the Baptist preschool to teach me how to be  “moral” person. My parents weren’t religious. Well, to be fair, my dad was an ex-Mormon who still believed in God and my mom was a cultural […]