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Allegedly this morning I drank the “world’s strongest coffee,” a bold claim from Death Wish coffee. What a name! My job has a food pantry and this coffee was donated so I decided to try to out. I don’t think the coffee is living up to it’s motto. My heart isn’t racing and I don’t […]

I went for a walk this morning! Instead of waking up naturally at 6:30 like I do during weekdays, today I woke up at 8. I usually like to sleep in really late on weekends but today after several minutes of drowsiness I got out of bed and got ready to go for a walk. […]

I’m just disappointed in myself. Let me have that, I ask. Dialectically, I’m allowed to have two thoughts in my mind simultaneously: I’m not living up to what I think are realistic standards yet I know I’m putting in a great deal of effort.  If I’m honest I don’t put in enough effort, though. What […]

The last few days I’ve posted about the last few months before I deconverted. In looking back, I can pinpoint when I stopped believing in the tenants of Christianity but I couldn’t figure out when I stopped believing there was a god, but now I’ve found it. This was written on May 27, 2015, on […]

This was written on May 12, 2015, on my other blog, quixotic faith. This is something that has been highly debated in Christian circles for centuries on whether or not a person who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior could ever become “unsaved” or lose their salvation. I have nothing new to add to […]