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Happy Mothers Day! This was supposed to be a post about abortion (I know, ironic), but I just can’t bring myself to write about it. So many feelings, not enough coherent thoughts. It’s too heavy of a topic for me to tackle right now. So, instead, I’ll tell you yesterday was a success. The Kentucky […]

I’m writing this in an effort to feel better. I have a party to go to tonight. It’s to watch the Kentucky Derby. We were asked to wear “crazy hats.” A couple weeks ago I picked up a ‘Murica hat: a cowboy hat with American Flag colors. I figured it was kinda crazy. But today […]

I haven’t written in 9 days and I don’t have much to say at the moment but I thought I’d pop on here and say HI. Tonight will be the 3rd night back on my antipsychotic. I know they say these things take weeks to kick in, but just like when I first started this […]

I just got back from CVS, which is a pharmacy/convenience store. The cashier asked, chipperly, “Are you finding everything okay, ma’am?” as I was crouching down looking at phone chargers. “Yes, thank you,” I respond and go back to analyzing the chargers. He comes back and says, “So what have you been up to today?” […]