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Hi friends! I know, I know: nine days since I last wrote a blog post. You all are probably wondering what I’ve been up to (as I have you) or you might have just found my blog and are wondering what happened 139 days ago. 139 days ago I left my husband, moved into an […]

I’m currently watching the Canadian Broadcasting Channel (CBC) on my Roku TV. I find it’s a nice change from American news and enjoy hearing the different way they pronounce “out” and “about.” Also, it seems that the news casters are more racially and ethnically diverse. Today’s work day went better. Monday I realized I had […]

I’m giving myself 30 minutes to write about work and then I’m not going to think about it anymore. This is my worry/reflection time that I started giving myself at the end of the day, which my mother suggested and my therapist concurred. Things have not improved at work. I was out for 3 days […]

Orientation was sooo boring! It was over Zoom, which made it way worse. The first part wasn’t bad because we had an early lunch break and they gave us a couple hours. But following that was 3 mind-numbing hours about diversity and equity. Not learning about different cultures – that would have been interesting – […]

I just hung out with a couple of my new friends. We had a game night. We drank some cocktails and played games. It was fun. It’s bizarre, this people reaching out to me because they want to hang out with me. I have to remind myself that I’m interesting. At least to some people. […]