Category: I’m Cultured

At present things are extremely stressful. I will give you an update soon. In the meantime I’ve been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, which seems to be the only thing successfully de-stressing me these days. The queens have so much talent creating their looks! I’ve really gotten into it. I’m learning all sorts of interesting things […]

My latest streaming binge is the Netflix German science fiction thriller, Dark. It’s beautifully shot and has a really complex plot (it’s like mentally putting together a puzzle). It’s is a gripping show – I watched 2 seasons in only a couple days. Here is the trailer: Give it a watch and let me know […]

Today I visited and walked through Airlie Gardens. It only took an hour (at a very slow pace in order to take pictures) and so after my walk, I sat under the HUGE 400-year-old live oak tree and just meditated for an hour. I felt a little let down by my walk because it was […]

This morning (er, afternoon) I had my breakfast outside. It was a lovely sunny 60°F (~16°C). I had intended to read the latest Wings of Fire book (the dragon series my kids love) and yet I couldn’t help my mind from wandering. It was useless, I put the book down and stared intermittently between the […]