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Since I deconverted I’ve gotten my social support almost entirely online. I’ve made some great friends online, many of whom I hope to meet IRL someday, and at the same time I realize I probably do need a community IRL in my local area. Shortly after I deconverted I found the closest thing to an […]

Today was my 7th float and it was TWO hours! Just prior to my float appointment I had just finished walking in the park. I only walked a mile and a half, as I had to make it to my appointment in time, which really bummed me out because I wanted to walk further. I […]

Instead of talking about my New Year’s Resolutions (really, they are my new life resolutions, that will take some time to complete), for 2020 I’m going to share with you 20 songs that have been in heavy rotation on my Spotify playlist the last couple months. I’ve got pop, synth-pop, rock, pop-rock, British Indie/J-pop, alt-rock, […]

As I was cleaning up my room I found a box of things that are special to me, and in that box, I found my favorite gift that I’ve ever received. It was for my 35th birthday and my best friend had written a letter to me, listing 35 memories that we had shared together […]

I used to hate living in the U.S. South. I’ve lived in the South now for 10 years now. Maybe if you count Texas in high school it’s been a total of 13 years. But it’s been a decade in North Carolina. It took me 5 years to like it. I couldn’t stand the familiarity. […]

I woke up at 6 something feeling rested. My FitBit told me I had gotten 9 hours of “excellent” sleep. Wow, I soooo needed to sleep. My body said, Enough! and last night after a day of traveling I crashed. I had a cup of English Breakfast tea with some cinnamon toast while I read […]