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One more week, then I can start writing more as I’ll have a 2 week break. Just have to finish my final exams. I’m hoping I can keep my A’s because it’d be really great to start my college do-over with a 4.0 GPA. I’ve worked my ass off for those A’s. A paralegal friend […]

No. You are NOT! Are THESE people OLD? These people who are your age. Are they old? Well, no. BUT… They’ve accomplished SO much. They know who they are and are well established in their careers. And then here I am. I feel like I keep starting over, and over, and over and over. What […]

Okay, SB,¬†Brent, Adam, Ubi and EE: Here is my ‘Fuck It” Post: Fuck it; I’m writing this post even though I can’t focus at the moment. Fuck it; I’m writing this post even though I have to leave in two minutes. Fuck it; I say ‘fuck’ in this post a lot and swearing makes me […]

I suddenly realized that I have a very different look now and upon thinking about it, it bothered me that you still picture me with long brown hair. Because that is not my hairstyle anymore. I cannot say that I’m happy with my new look in its current state, however, a couple of months ago […]

I went to my work holiday party and it was not horrible. Though, the day prior to the event, and leading up to when I arrived, I felt all twisty inside my guts. This was the second party I attended in the last decade (I think?). Unless you count group meetings at church events or […]

I have my “work” mode and my “home” mode. At work I am organized and clean. At home I’m cluttered and dirty. At work I have bright colors, birthday cards, employee notes of praise, flowers, punny sayings, and mementos up and neatly displayed in order to make my environment more “homey.”¬† At home I have […]

As a protest to being forced to be “thankful” I was going to create a list of my pet-peeves. Then I thought of people in my life who have intentionally chosen to focus on what’s positive in their lives, not out of any denial nor delusion of their circumstances, but as a decision to frame […]