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Did you miss me? 😜 I finally went for a walk yesterday. It had been three weeks. It was the first time in forever that it wasn’t oppressively hot. It was raining so a bit mucky but I’m proud of myself for going. Here are some pics from my walk: In other news, things are […]

I can’t say that I “like” the job, but it is definitely well-suited for me at the moment. For the most part, it is non-stressful. About a quarter of my day, if not more, I am doing nothing. There is nothing to respond to and nothing to do. There were a few exceptions where it […]

I drove 55 minutes to the central office this morning in the pouring rain, but I got there okay. I walked inside and someone said they’d be with me in a minute. They had just opened their doors after quarantine and were staging volunteers. Two employees walked by me, without notice. One of these two […]

I got the phone call just 5 minutes after I woke up this morning: “Hi [Quixie], I’m calling to let you know after consideration and interviewing all the candidates…” I take a deep breath, in anticipation. Her voice is so hard to read. “we would like to offer you the position.” Well, hot damn. I […]

I’m attempting to declutter my house and I decided to start by cleaning under my platform bed. In addition to the empty water bottles, plastic bags, and miscellaneous receipts I found all sorts of things that don’t belong, such as: Tire pressure gauge Checkbook Corona-virus looking bouncy ball Fidget spinner 5 lb kettle bell A […]