Category: Life Goals

It’s taken a pandemic for me to realize the severity of my self-isolation. Now that everyone has to practice social distancing, and is depressed and stressed from it, I realize just how normal it is for me. The pandemic phenomenon has made me feel more like I’m part of a community. That is, everyone is […]

I’ve scheduled posts for the next few days, sharing some previously written posts leading up to my deconversion. This has been good for me, as it’s given me something to focus on today so far. In addition to these scheduled posts, I hope to be able to write a new post every day, so you’ll […]

At my last job on day 3 I was doing the office manager’s job while she was out sick, which was just ridiculous. Turns out the office manager, who’d been there for over 10 years, was looking to leave. I know this because apparently, I’m still on the employee email list. If I were still […]

I’m writing from the public library in my pajama pants and she-devil sweater. (A red sweater with a female icon like you’d see on a public bathroom door, only with horns and a tail). I’m having a bad hair day and so it looks like I just jumped out of bed (I pretty much did), […]