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***Note: this post has nothing to do with hydrangeas other than I wanted to show off the ones my MIL gifted to me from her garden cuz I want to share the little bit of happiness they bring me.*** I’m hesitant to share good news because, well, you know, THINGS CAN GO WRONG and THERE […]

I’m taking this moment to write where I’m only feeling moderate discomfort, as opposed to a great deal of pain. A couple days ago rather than go for a walk, I unpacked my dusty old Total Gym and did a bunch of “easy” exercises. Really, the exercises felt pretty easy, especially compared to my experience […]

I’m just disappointed in myself. Let me have that, I ask. Dialectically, I’m allowed to have two thoughts in my mind simultaneously: I’m not living up to what I think are realistic standards yet I know I’m putting in a great deal of effort.  If I’m honest I don’t put in enough effort, though. What […]

Hi friends! Second post of the day. Just wanted to get in a little bit about my day this time. In the morning I had a tele-therapy appointment with my therapist. As usual, I talked 95% of the time and came up with my own plan for the week. Sometimes this leads me to think […]

At first I started walking just to get out of the house – to combat my growing agoraphobia. It is, of course, common these days to be scared of leaving the house, but this condition has in the past gotten so bad for me at one point I hardly left my house for YEARS. I […]