Category: anxiety

I supposed it wasn’t a “vision,” per se, more like a visualization of peace. I floated in a sensory deprivation tank full of Epsom salt for the umpteenth time the other day. The reason why I went was that I got hit –hard–at the skating rink and I was still sore, days later. I figured […]

I can’t write this on my laptop because my cat keeps licking my hand when I do and it’s really irritating my skin. Ah, cat parent life! I just ate tuna so that could explain why. Anyway, I’m writing this on my phone so I’ll try to keep this brief. I had an unsettling dream. […]

I took a risk and decided to talk to my friend about something that had been bothering me. Well, it was over text but I’ll see her Thursday. I decided to be vulnerable. And she didn’t reject me. But my brain says, “not yet.” I came to accept that if she were to reject me […]

I’m on my lunch break. I only just started the work day 2 hours ago and I’m already drowning. I had yesterday off to do my name change stuff because I have to work Saturday. I’ve got 5 big projects on my plate at work and I’m not able to juggle them all. On top […]

I skated 4 miles in a circle and my lower back and hips are so sore. My outer thighs and knees have a pleasant workout burn. Overall, great workout. I’d like to work myself up to at least 2x that distance but that’ll take some time. I was invited to the parking lot to skate […]