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I’m going to make this quick as I’m at the library and left my phone in my car. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the kids are in my custody these few weeks as their dad is going through some medical treatments. So I need to be available even though they are teens. […]

There could, perhaps, even be a 3rd one, who knows. I’ve stopped (paused?) reading Nietzsche, as I’m struggling to get through the misogynistic bits. I’m sure there are additional bits of wisdom in there, however I tend to think those who think less of women as idiots, however perhaps he only has the limited view […]

Yesterday during work I had determined that I would take a walk after work, but when I got outside it was chilly and the clouds were full of rain. I could feel tiny rain drops sporadically fall onto my skin. My plan to lift my spirits was foiled. When I got home, though, I realized […]

What the heck, Quixie? Why have you not been blogging? We’ve been thinking you are in a deep pit of despair. Are you okay? Yes, I’m okay. I’ve got no good reason for not blogging. Things are…the same. Well, I don’t feel like bugs are crawling on me anymore, so there’s that. But I am […]

My skin was crawling, as if there were bugs on it. I’m still feeling it, but it’s lessened. A result of Prozac. Prozac I took because of my lack of motivation. Having trouble keeping up with my apartment. Despite this, I lost 13lbs last month. Though I haven’t followed my weight-loss regiment these last 2 […]