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A song by your favorite band or a song that makes you sad This one I can do another “both.” One of my favorite bands is The Cranberries. This song always changes my mood towards extreme sadness. It used to be cathartic when I was deeply depressed, but now I don’t really listen to it […]

A song that reminds you of your first love or a song about drugs and alcohol. How about both? Oh boyyy, Quix, this is going to be good! I chose the below song because it’s about “staying high” to get over heartbreak. Well, this song perfectly encapsulates the feeling during one of my mixed (depressive/manic) […]

Yesterday I asked for some prompts for Nano Poblano 2022, and Rarasaur was kind enough to point me to a prompt page. And from there, I discovered Mark Bialczak’s amazing prompts, and this was one of them: Here is my (somewhat) brief autobiography. Can you spot the lie? I was born premature, 6 weeks early, […]

But no more, my friends! I’m committing to you now to respond to your comments within 48 business hours. Er, “business” meaning my non-work hours. Please accept my apology for not responding right away. Truly, I thought I had, but just because I think something doesn’t mean you’ve actually gotten a response from me! I’m […]

I came up with a solution just now to a problem. The lightbulb lit up immediately when I opened up WordPress: I am going to write down all the little things that are causing me anxiety and make a plan to start problem-solving them. Which sounds….so obvious and yet so smart. However, my guess is […]