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I was wrong about my 3-month weight loss post. It hadn’t been 3 months – the time since I started my weight loss program had only been 10 weeks. I’m not sure how I was off by 2 weeks. Regardless, I wanted to post my most recent results. I have lost — ::drum roll:: — […]

I’ve got a stress headache. My work is stressful but normally I can put that aside. The problem is my non-work hours are also stressful. My son just started high school. My daughter just dropped out but did go to orientation for the high school program at the local community college. But neither of them […]

We withdrew our 16-year-old daughter from high school this morning. It’s scary. The wide unknown, not knowing what’s next. She’s either going to take GED courses, do adult high school at the community college, or just take the GED and see if she passes (and then what?) I’ve been in sort of a “what-if” frenzy. […]

I’ve been so tight, so stressed, so overwhelmed. But something happened last night that released some of my tension, and then today was a better day. We went to my son’s Freshman (9th grade) high school orientation. My son was chill, he took the map and navigated to his classrooms, we met the teachers and […]

I can’t write this on my laptop because my cat keeps licking my hand when I do and it’s really irritating my skin. Ah, cat parent life! I just ate tuna so that could explain why. Anyway, I’m writing this on my phone so I’ll try to keep this brief. I had an unsettling dream. […]