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Aren’t boys supposed to eat you out of house home when they become teenagers and not when they are nine? Holy cow, my son is only 68lbs and he easily eats more calories than a grown man requires. Took him to the doctor to check him out because he’s tired and achey and they told […]

I got a promotion today at work!!! (Well, I moved up to the next pay scale because of my excellent performance so it’s more of a raise than promotion). Yay me!!!!

How do I… get my attention span back? A couple weeks ago I uninstalled Facebook as I would spend a couple hours a day scrolling. Hours! I surprisingly don’t miss it. Only check it about once a week. Now I replace that time with watching YouTube videos (ha ha – from one evil to another)! […]

It’s not often that I come across a piece of art which so brilliantly portrays what it like to experience feelings of anxiety and depression (well, at least not how I experience it) as does the anime I discovered on Netflix yesterday called Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso in Japan). Kōsei […]

I’ve been thinking a while about writing about how much I love the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I discovered the show the same way I’ve discovered all my shows: by scrolling through Netflix while I’m bored. I have to admit – the title of the show was a big turn-off. Why? Well, as the lead character sings […]