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Two weeks ago I had to call out from work 3 days in a row with what I thought was a stomach bug. I went to see a doctor and she told me it was stress. Really? Stress has been making my stomach spasm for days?? And I’ve been having major pain in my hips […]

My kids have discovered a new game called “Dumb Ways to Die.” At first I was aghast at how morbid a game it is, then I realized it is a good way to teach kids about common sense. We then spent hours discussing dumb ways to die, and I introduced them to Darwin Awards, which delighted them. […]

  Between my two blogs I’ve written 476 blog posts (averaging about 3 posts a week). That’s some serious dedication. Yay, me! Blogging on WordPress has changed my life. More on that later…

Part of my day at work is explaining to students entering health care professions why their school requires them to provide proof of vaccinations and immunity to various diseases. And the answer I give them is simple… that working in a healthcare setting you can both catch and transmit diseases. Yet some of the students […]

I started watching a documentary on Netflix today regarding the last Presidential election and I had to stop 5 minutes into it because I started to cry. For the past few months I’ve tried to do everything I can do avoid political news as it just upsets me. But it’s hard to avoid because it’s […]