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  Between my two blogs I’ve written 476 blog posts (averaging about 3 posts a week). That’s some serious dedication. Yay, me! Blogging on WordPress has changed my life. More on that later… Advertisements

Part of my day at work is explaining to students entering health care professions why their school requires them to provide proof of vaccinations and immunity to various diseases. And the answer I give them is simple… that working in a healthcare setting you can both catch and transmit diseases. Yet some of the students […]

I started watching a documentary on Netflix today regarding the last Presidential election and I had to stop 5 minutes into it because I started to cry. For the past few months I’ve tried to do everything I can do avoid political news as it just upsets me. But it’s hard to avoid because it’s […]

Having gotten to know several individuals born in the mid-80’s to early-90’s (now about 25 – 32 years old) one of the things I’ve noticed they hate is the term “Millennial.” Why? Because “Millennials” are supposedly narcissistic, entitled, lazy, overly-sensitive snowflakes (gah, how I hate that term!). Now, maybe I’ve just gotten lucky but the […]

In my last post I wrote about how Taylor Swift’s is so immature (although, let’s face it, I’m still a Swiftie)…and alluded to the fact that it’s turning me off from pop music. So,  I just got a record player for my birthday! I requested one from my Mom and she asked, Do they even […]

As a 37-year old Swiftie (Taylor Swift fan) one could argue that my music tastes are a bit…immature. Though fun music has no age limit. When Ms. Swift’s music hit big I was surprised that We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was in fact sung by a young woman and not a 14 year-old high school […]

I’ve been gainfully employed for the past 6 months (or so) doing a job I never imagined I would ever have any interest in or be good at, but desperation caused me to seek opportunities outside my comfort zone. I’m a customer service representative working for a data management company. What this means is that […]