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Having gotten to know several individuals born in the mid-80’s to early-90’s (now about 25 – 32 years old) one of the things I’ve noticed they hate is the term “Millennial.” Why? Because “Millennials” are supposedly narcissistic, entitled, lazy, overly-sensitive snowflakes (gah, how I hate that term!). Now, maybe I’ve just gotten lucky but the […]

In my last post I wrote about how Taylor Swift’s is so immature (although, let’s face it, I’m still a Swiftie)…and alluded to the fact that it’s turning me off from pop music. So,  I just got a record player for my birthday! I requested one from my Mom and she asked, Do they even […]

As a 37-year old Swiftie (Taylor Swift fan) one could argue that my music tastes are a bit…immature. Though fun music has no age limit. When Ms. Swift’s music hit big I was surprised that We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was in fact sung by a young woman and not a 14 year-old high school […]

I’ve been gainfully employed for the past 6 months (or so) doing a job I never imagined I would ever have any interest in or be good at, but desperation caused me to seek opportunities outside my comfort zone. I’m a customer service representative working for a data management company. What this means is that […]

Hi Friends! It’s been a while. I’ve decided to resurrect my blog by participating in this year’s Nano Poblano, an annual event in which one participates in blogging every day for the month of November – this year hosted by anitashree. I’ll be kicking off this year’s Nano Poblano with a whimper instead of a bang.  […]