Category: Nano Poblano 2018

You know what day it is? The last day of Nano Poblano 2018! How the heck have I managed to write a post every day for the whole month of November?? I was almost not going to write today. I have this thing about not wanting to finish things (like, I have trouble forcing myself […]

So, what I’d like to know is how does one become less neurotic? I’m asking for a friend. No, of course not. I’m asking for myself. I am very neurotic and I know it. Not just from the Big 5 personality test, but any test in general, plus it’s obvious based on how much I’m […]

I have my “work” mode and my “home” mode. At work I am organized and clean. At home I’m cluttered and dirty. At work I have bright colors, birthday cards, employee notes of praise, flowers, punny sayings, and mementos up and neatly displayed in order to make my environment more “homey.”  At home I have […]

Well, I killed it today at my interview at the DA’s office with the District Attorney himself, after the 5 panel interview last week. His minions did the weeding out the candidates and I made the cut. My meeting with DA was easy by comparison, and consisted mostly of his getting to know my personality and […]

Yesterday as I was grocery shopping I past by the alcohol section of the store and I thought, Hey I’ve been really stressed lately – I could use a drink. Then as I started looking at the options I felt a surprising aversion, which over the last year or two has increasingly been the case. […]