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My apologies for my absence. I tend to turn inward when stressed and my stress-levels are ultra-high at the moment. I do not know where my family and I will be living in 6 weeks (have not found a house yet!) or where my kids will be going to school in the fall. There are […]

Not knowing where I’ll be living in 2 months is unsettling and I’m nearly constantly thinking about it. I have housing phone apps alerting me of new rentals many times a day. **Buzzz** **Buzzz** **Buzzz** Last night I found the perfect place, or so I thought. I’ve browsed through several dozen properties over the past […]

My kids have discovered a new game called “Dumb Ways to Die.” At first I was aghast at how morbid a game it is, then I realized it is a good way to teach kids about common sense. We then spent hours discussing dumb ways to die, and I introduced them to Darwin Awards, which delighted them. […]