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Last night, during our nightly mother-son time my son told me he believes that lying is okay. Me: What? You wouldn’t want someone lying to you, would you? Son: Yes, that’d be okay. Somethings are better left unsaid. Me: Why do you think that? Son: Because you could hurt someone. And sometimes it’s better to […]

I just got done watching my State (North Carolina)’s Press Briefing. Governor Cooper provided a measured, thoughtful, and coherent response and I was assured that the state government is looking out for the best interest of its citizens. Our state’s Stay-at-Home order expires on April 29 and schools are out until May 15. I’ve been […]

My son watched much of last night’s Democratic Presidential debate with me. This is the 3rd debate he’s watched with me during this election cycle. Here are his thoughts: “Politics is weird.” “They keep changing topics and don’t answer the questions.” “He [Bloomberg] got wrecked.” “They [both the moderators and candidates] don’t let them finish […]

Pete Buttigieg didn’t win the New Hampshire primary. However, it was close. And he did win the same amount of delegates as Sanders: Even though Bernie won the popular vote, Mayor Pete won in my parent’s county. This was consistent with what I was hearing from my parents, their friends, and advertisements, signs and bumper […]

At least amongst retirees in smaller cities. It’s possible the larger cities could be more progressive and vote for Sanders, though I think Buttigieg has a good chance of winning the state’s primary, overall. I think amongst smaller cities Klobachar is going to have a good run and be in the top 3. Of course, […]