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Hey there! I didn’t write yesterday, which was a change from the 2x a day I had been writing there for a while. Yesterday I was busy sleeping in, and then busy with a BBQ at my in-laws’ house. It occurred to me while I was shoving my face full of veggies that I hardly […]

Something about going to my son’s middle school orientation has gotten me in a funk. I’m writing this to see if I can figure out why I feel hopeless and anxious (wonderful combination, by the way). Let’s see… Family was in foul mood on the way to the school. I’d rather not go into the […]

This weekend my daughter got fed up with hearing about her friend’s accounts of her mother verbally abusing and neglecting her and so my daughter sent an extremely nasty text to the mom. I won’t share what she said but it was bad. Reading it, I felt like I was punched in the gut. My […]

Boy, am I pooped. My coworker (the office coordinator) was about the same level of frazzled and forgetful as yesterday. Today a couple times I brought her attention to when she was dialing the wrong number or in the wrong account so that she didn’t have to waste time trying to correct the mistake. I […]

I got out of the house! Yup – I didn’t think I was going to make it. What gave me motivation today was my daughter’s attitude change. We took a look at her progress report and she (voluntarily) came up with a plan for devoting more time to the specific subjects she was struggling in. […]