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I’m too tired to write. No one wants to read 2,000 words about my work stress (well, I certainly don’t) so what I’ve got right now it’s lots and lots of memes that I’ve been saving up. I loved memes. Probably too much. So, here ya go. Beware some are NSFW, 13+, crude and/or irreverant. […]

As a hobby I like to take pictures with my (phone) camera. Here are my favorites of 2017: Winter in New England: “Winter” in North Carolina: My daughter’s two least favorite things (I offered to buy these discounted shirts for her and she shivered in disgust): In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Also in Myrtle Beach: […]

Horses, Ponies, and Pegasi. Oh My! Sooo Me: I Dig This Home Decor: Crude, But Hilarious: Statue Love (Just Don’t Blink): Do you like to window shop?

“Mommy, there is a butterfly on your butt. No, TWO of them!!” My 8 year old son exclaimed with delight then giggled. Butterflies have always loved me. I’m guessing because I like to wear bright colors. Their attention has always made me feel pretty magical, like Cinderella in this dress: This pair of butterflies (Common […]

Hey all. It’s been 100,000 YEARS since I last wrote. Er, is that minutes? Oh. Either way it’s been a LONG ASS TIME. How have you all been??? I’ve been working as bureaucrat. Yes, I now have a FULL TIME JOB. I’ve kept it for 8 weeks now. Wahoo! I’m now at the place where […]

Okay, since I missed a Nano Poblano day yesterday I am making up for it today by posting again. Food! (Steak and Eel sushi and Midori Dragon) This last one is really confusing: What the hell does that even mean? Is this a prayer to Jesus? I so, who is this guy whom Jesus is […]