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Is this just pure laziness on my part or do I just need to share with you all the funny memes (and poems, puns, and truisms) I collected from the last couple weeks? I’ll let you guess. Here you go: And not a meme but I love this picture I took on my visit to […]

Sorry for the language, it’s one of those situations that require it. It paid to reach out to the occupational therapy clinics in my area because one of them was, in fact, hiring and, Would you like to come in for an interview? Of course, I would! So I did today. After 30 minutes of chatting […]

I had a good time with my mom today. Her injured foot is causing her less pain and I realized the pain had been causing her unpleasant attitude. But now that she’s feeling quite a bit better the last couple days she and I have gotten along pretty well. Today I went along with her […]

Felt like we needed a lighter post so I’m going to share with you the pics I took of the train expo I went to today. It was amazing. I took far too many pictures. Way too much. This is only a 3rd of them.  Enjoy! Have you ever been to a train expo?

Last week I shared with my therapist that constantly surrounding myself with dark or unsettling things (true crime shows, or the impeachment process, for example) helps me to distract myself from the helplessness of my reality. Her response: “Well, I like these things too and there is nothing wrong with liking these things, but mix […]

I’m too tired to write. No one wants to read 2,000 words about my work stress (well, I certainly don’t) so what I’ve got right now it’s lots and lots of memes that I’ve been saving up. I loved memes. Probably too much. So, here ya go. Beware some are NSFW, 13+, crude and/or irreverant. […]