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I’m writing this in an effort to feel better. I have a party to go to tonight. It’s to watch the Kentucky Derby. We were asked to wear “crazy hats.” A couple weeks ago I picked up a ‘Murica hat: a cowboy hat with American Flag colors. I figured it was kinda crazy. But today […]

Lucy is climbing all over me and purring up a storm. I’m supposed to be working but I’m TIRED. I’ve finished all my tasks, I just have to wait for my trainer to be available so I can shadow her. There is always more trainings I can do, but I can’t seem to concentrate. This […]

All fun aside, I’ve had a rough day, folks. My daughter had a complete meltdown at school. Then her period started and she was fine. I’m 95% sure she has PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder). Here are the symptoms (just before your period): Mood swings Depression/feelings of hopelessness Intense anger Conflict with other people Tension Anxiety […]

I’ve got these memes from the Borderline Barbie Facebook page. I don’t have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) but I do share some traits and can relate to more of the memes than I care to admit. Okay, I’ll admit it here. Signs and symptoms may include (from Mayo Clinic): An intense fear of abandonment, even […]