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If only I could find something else to write about other than how I’m doing, but I can’t. Try, Quix. People are unsettled, but I can’t write about anything ‘settling’ at the moment. For 6 weeks (or has it been 7 or 8?) I’ve had little motivation and wasted away my days. When my kids […]

In my second post today I am going to describe what it’s like to have a neurotic mind. Here were my thoughts during the day: I wake up at 8am. I fell asleep around 2am because my sleep cycle is off. Kids aren’t here because they are at their in-laws. Oh jeez, I can’t even […]

More samples! So I don’t have to pay $1,000 a month for them. When I told her about my dramatic weight gain and anhedonia she said a decrease in my new med might help me. Huh? I asked, How could decreasing the medication help me? Then she pulled out a bunch of charts about this […]

I am sooo proud of my daughter today. She had a hard day and when I picked her up at the bus stop she was already in the middle of a panic attack. When she saw me she remembered that we had to immediately travel to the high school to write an essay application for […]

I feel like I’ve been smacked on the face…really hard. I can’t decide if we were psychologically abused for an hour or if our family therapist used a therapy technique on my husband and I to get us motivated. In our session today her typical sympathy and compassion were gone. She raked us over the […]

Sometimes I wish I weren’t me. Like today. That I didn’t give a fuck what people thought of me and I didn’t have these pesky things called emotions tormenting me. It’s making me isolate and not communicate. At least I’m out and about, though. I’m at the library. Normally I’d hide from the public. I’ve […]